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{Idk if this is red or yellow rating but i'm 13 and don't have red as an option so it's set as yellow. Proceed if you want}

blocked number: {image attachment}

abby: uh nice dick, who is this?



okay so most people have been commenting "update" and I'm not ignoring you I know I'M sorry for not updating I've been doing other things + I haven't had ideas for this story. I'm gonna TRY to continue this book but no 100% promises. saying "update" just tells me to update, it doesn't motivate me. if someone compliments the book or the chapter or says "I'm so interested to find out what happens next I'm hooked" I'm MORE LIKELY to update because I know people are enjoying it. sorry if I got your hopes up by posting this & you thought it was a chapter update.

I do have an update in the works so sit tight :) if you really wanna nag me to update this then just DM me on one of my "social medias"

wattpad: irwiggles

quotev: segavas

Instagram: punctuational

kik: yoplait_

hell if you even say something on here I'll see it but not as quickly because I don't come on often because I have 0 ideas, I write stories on wattpad ( I have like 20) and I have no friends on movellas so :'( not that I'm asking for any, I'd feel bad BC I wouldn't come online and they'd be like "where did caGAYo go?" anyway thank you so much for supporting me so far, I'm not giving up on the story. I'll try and carry it out for a few more chapters. :)


~ caGAYo 💛

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