The next phoenix

Now that the darkness Is sealed away I gave birth to a child named Aurora she was a bundle of joy on her 13th birthday she will become the next Phoenix I will teach her my ways now that I'm immortal I will remain the same age I am 20 once I give the Phoenix to my daughter she will become immortal she'll age but she'll stay young like me read book 1 before you read this book


2. 13th birthday

It was her 13th birthday I awoke her I told her it's time for your present I took her down stairs they formed a circle. I stood in the middle of the circle I spoke saying God bless this child pass my gift. To her give her the heart of gold make this child the new guardian. Then the Phoenix came out of me she possessed my daughter. She started changing her wings got bigger her eyes began to shine bright. Her clothes turned into a white dress her, hair was long and wavy then there was a black dragon who came.

It took form into a angel he was a handsome guy he said I'm her guardian angel. I will protect her I talked to him saying you better otherwise you suffer from me. He said I'll guard her with my life he took form into a dragon again she started petting him. Such good friends she would play outside he will go wherever she went. Life was a grand for her he was her everything he would always watch her sleep.

He began teaching her how to fight he was showing her how to fight with a sword. After all I fought with a sword and I gave her mine it's a special sword that can light on fire. It was passed down from the queen before me she said it was a special sword. It was one of a kind no other swords In the kingdom are like it. I told my daughter about dangers you have to face with this gift trust no one. Except your family and your guardian now she was prepared for what lies ahead.

I told her about the 3 different levels that you have to go through your body will change along with the Phoenix. I know that she's ready for the future that she will be just like me. I still have to teach her many things together as mother and daughter. I probably might not be the Phoenix anymore but I know it will be safe with her.

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