Stolen Heart

I always felt like I had a dull life but tried the hardest in everything that I set my mind on. Who thought a silly nightmare would bring me face to face with you. I have no idea what I have done but all I know is that you want to kill me.


1. Chapter 1

     Running down these endless stairs was very frustrating and tiring especially when I didn't even know why I was running. I glimpse back my eyes widen for a split second when I noticed the stairs that I had just  stepped on were gone. I sighed being that there was no hope of me returning back up. I stopped running once the handles coming from the wall ended with nothing to hold I would fall if I continued running. I bit my bottom lip as I began to get nervous once I noticed the light was fading, it became darker and darker until there was no light just darkness. I pressed my right palm against the wall as I walked down taking each step blindly. My breathing began to quicken as fear started consuming me when I noticed that the stairs were starting to became a longer walk and a deeper fall. I felt my heart stop for a second each time I would take another step afraid of when the edge would come. 

    I had to repeat this process until I started crawling letting my hands be my eyes. Patting the ground once I felt the edge I would swing my legs around the edge where they dangled. Taking a deep breath i placed my sweaty hands on the edge pushing myself off. I gasped in pain as my right ankle twisted from the long drop. Biting my bottom lip not letting a scream of pain slip out I got up on all four beginning to crawl once again. As I felt the edge my heart started pounding so loudly in fear and my stomach began to ache. I swung my legs around once again debating to jump or not. This time it could kill me and if it wasn't this time then it would be the next one. 

    I sighed, I can't do this. Pushing myself away from the ledge I scream as a pair of hands pushed my off. I don't want to die! I braced myself for the impact...nothing... I felt my body tense up and stomach feel sick as I became nervous. I let out a deep sigh of relief as my body felt like it was a feather floating in air. Looking around trying to distinguish something was impossible with this darkness. I yawned closing my eyes I began to relax, making me wonder how longer until this darkness and silence would make me go insane. 

   "Hm?" I slowly opened my right towards the direction I heard a beating sound. "A heart beat?" Where is it coming from? I couldn't even tell what was up, down, right, or left anymore. I squinted as I started to see a small red dot. Moving my legs and arms I started to make a swimming motion in the air towards the dot. I was swimming in air! The closer I got to the dot it grew bigger and the beating became louder. My eyes widen and my lips spread apart in a smile. Right in front of me was a red heart jewel. 

   "So beautiful!" I cupped the jewel in my hands making me flinch puling away at the burning sensation. I hissed, the jewel hurt my hands really bad. I bit my bottom lip, feeling my body slowly moving at its own will. I couldn't help it this jewel was the only light in the darkness. The only thing that could keep me sane. Once again I cupped it in my hands ignoring the burning pain. 

   The pain spread up my arms wrapping around my body making me scream. The red glow of the jewel spread along with the pain. The red glow crept underneath my skin, frighten I tried to pull way but it was no use. Both the light and jewel disappeared leaving me in the darkness once again. My body suddenly felt heavy I was falling and fast. I quickly held out my hands to reach something. Anything. Shivers went down my spine as I saw deep sapphire eyes staring at me before my body made impact on the ground. 

    I screamed pulling my black blanket down with me, hitting the cold white tile floor. "It was only a dream..." I grunted pulling myself up by the edge of my bed. I don't need such a big bed I threw my blanket over the queen size bed. Picking up my white pillows with black lace I neatly placed them on my bed. I quickly grabbed a red tank top, white ripped jeans, underwear and bra. Rushing into the bathroom I turned on my shower, while the water warmed up I reached for my tooth brush. As i began to brush my teeth I looked up at my reflection my eyes widen and I dropped my tooth brush. "My Hair!" My blonde hair was now freaking red! RED! I pulled my hair, "oh please wake up, wake up!" I squeezed my eyes together slowly opening my right eye to see my hair still red. I bit my bottom lip running my hand through my hair in frustration I sighed. I can always dye it back besides it still down to my waist and not bangs. Looking closer to the mirror making sure that everything was still the same, light skin and hazel eyes. 

    I let out a little laugh how would that change I mean I could get a tan but my eyes seriously. Looking down at my phone I noticed I was running out of time. I quickly jumped into the shower. 

   "Mother!" Opening my bedroom door I turned and grabbed my bag. I turned back around into my room grabbing a necklace, it was a dream catcher with white beads and three black feathers.  "Mom!" I ran into the kitchen to see Sylvia she was our maid. More like a second mother to me, she was short, thin, long curly brown hair puled into a low ponytail, and in her late thirties.

   "Scarlet," she pulled the broom against the counter pulling me into a hug. "Your parents went on a business trip this morning.

   I smiled, "well I'll be heading to school." 

  "Honey, your hair is very pretty. That color suits you." 

   I knew she was trying to change the subject, "thank you." I turned away before she made me eat breakfast I dashed out of the house. I didn't live far from the school so I walked. I loved walking near a river everyday. The river divided the city and the forest. Even though the forest seemed so peaceful no one dared to go in there anymore. There were rumors about it being haunted, or monsters that lurked in there. Not so long ago a group of teens went in and never came out. Police also went in and the only one that came out passed out on a fallen tree that connects both sides. When he came to in the hospital he couldn't recall anything and whenever he does he enters a state of shock so no one asks anymore.

    I stopped at the fallen tree most of the time I rush pass this part. It really creeps me out. This time for some reason I felt different gazing at the forest I felt like if I was being hypnotized. "Are you okay?" I jumped looking back to see man in a business suit seemed to be around his forties.

   "Yes," I nodded smiling I turned towards the direction of my school. I walked glancing back I saw him look into the forest to see what had caught my attention once he saw nothing he headed into his car and drove off. I must have looked weird just staring off like that. I flicker of red caught my attention from the corner of my eye. I tilted my head to see the forest again. 

   Something red. Just like the light I saw in my dream. You know when you watch a movie and you yelling at the tv because the person in doing something that was obvious and stupid but of coursse that person was still going to do the wrong thing. I felt that way the little voice inside of me was the person on the other side of the TV yelling at me not to do it but i couldn't hear it more like refused to hear. I turned back running to the fallen tree placing my right on the tree I extended my arms out quickly going across before someone stopped me. 

   Running towards the light I noticed it wasn't getting any closer I was just going deeper into the forest. Stopping I clutched my knees catching my breath. Wiping off the sweat that streamed down my forehead. My heart dropped down into my stomach as a shadow cast over my from above. No it wasn't a small shadow that a bird would make, it was huge! Looking up I yelled out, "hello!" My eyes widen. I covered my mouth idiot don't let it know where I'm at! 

   "What are you doing here?" I screamed turning back. 

   Bringing my hand up to my chest,"don't scare me like that! Its rude!" He frowned, he seemed to only be a couple years older than me, really black big eyes, soft place skin, and messy brown hair. "Um, by the way who are y-" 

   "Sh," he cupped his hands over my mouth dragging me underneath a tree. His back pressed against the trunk. Leaning towards my ear he whispered, "you shouldn't be in here. Be quiet alright." I felt his grip loosen. Pulling his hand off my mouth he grabbed my right hand looking up in the sky. "I'll take you back to the river don't worry." He turned back to face me giving me a small smile.  

   "Look," I tried pulling away but his grip tighten, "I'm not going anywhere with you. I don't even know you." 

   "Trust me." 

   "No." Rolling his eyes he pulled me along with him. "Hey!" I ran trying not to fall. He suddenly stopped pushing me against a tree. He pressed his body against mine placing his chin above my head and arms on each side of me. I felt my face heat up. Trying to push him away I protested but he covered my mouth again. 

   I began to making humming noises. Hearing him let out a deep sigh, "you need to be quiet just for a little bit please." 

   "Why?" I looked up as he pulled his head away he seemed to be searching for something up in the sky. "What is it? What are you looking for?"

   He looked down smiling at me like if I were a five year old that wouldn't understand. "Don't ask, I'll keep you safe I promise." 

   "Safe? From what?" 

   Bringing his right index finger to his lips, "sh. He's coming stay really quiet." A small breeze started, it quickly picked up turning into a harsh wind. The branches started dancing in the wind. My eyes widen as I saw through the branches. I saw it, huge, brown and red scales, sharp teeth, claws, piercing blue eyes. "Don't scream he's looking for you."

   "M-Me?" I whispered trying not to lose it. Its claws swooped over the trees. "How do you expect me not to scream that thing is a monster," I hissed through my teeth.

   "I'd appreciate it if you didn't call my little brother a monster..."

   My jaw dropped, "b-brother! How!? He's a dragon!!" My heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest as the dragon landed on the ground. Growling his eyes narrowed, showing all his sharp teeth.

   "Yes, and he just found you," this guy was so calm. On the other hand I felt dizzy and filled with fear. Swooping me up in his arms he dashed out of the way of the dragon's claws. 

   "What does he want!?" I yelled seeing that monster go back up into the sky. 

   "What you stole from him." 

   What I stole? I never stole anything. Before I knew it we were already on the tree crossing the river. I could clearly see the dragon in the sky but once we were on the other side. The city he was gone. The sky was blue with a couple clouds and no dragon. Was I seeing things? The moment I was placed on the ground my knees gave out. 

   "Breath, calm down. He can't get you over here." He put his hands on my shoulders. "By the way I'm Alex Cervants."

   "Scarlet Valentine," I looked down at the ground. "What do you mean he can't get me?"

   "Well you see..." he smiled innocently, "I'm a dragon too and we can only cross he river if we take human forms." I slowly stood up, my body felt numb. I began to drag my feet towards school. 

   "I'm so late.." My gaze landed on the forest sky, "why can't I see him?" 

   "A spell as long as we are in a dragon form we can't cross over but no one on this side can see us. I mean if we were visible we would be dead already."

   He walked next to me. "You said I stole something from him but I have no idea what I stole. I've never stolen anything in my life. Can you tell me what it is?" 

   He stopped walking I turned towards him. His face seemed unsure about answering my question. He turned up to me his eyes locked with mine, "you stole his heart." 

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