How do u come back? Nobody saved me I saved myself.


3. 3

Once Amy and I are ready we walk to the bus stop and travel and hour to get to Amy's school I get off the bus with her, I dig into my pocket and pull out a $5 note which was all I had

"Here" I say giving it to her with a smile she smiles back and hugs me I wave her off as she walks to her friends.

I then get back onto the bus and travel another half hour to get to my school.

At school I keep my head low I use to have a friends but........ She died I feel guilty everyday.


I was a bit of a rebel creating trouble for my parents one day I had climbed onto the towns huge water tanks and I jumped inside I was awesome the waiter tank was empty and it was so cool just to be here. The next night I bought my friend Hope I said "go! Jump!" And without hesitation she did it I heard a splash and a scream "HOPE!!" I screamed but no answer "HOPE!" I yelled again I pulled out my phone and called 000 within five minutes police and ambulance had arrived I was arrested because they thought I had pushed her I was 12 when this happened I was sentenced to ten years in jail but got out on seven for good behaviour everyday I feel the guilt eating me up ....

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