BODIES // Cameron Dallas

Both stranger wished something that impossible to become true



Cameron standing in his balcony, y/n sitting in her bed, they both blankly staring at the full moon shining

"I wish i can be like anybody else, like no stress in head" cameron wished while gazing to the moon "i wish i can be a guy, i mean a funny guy like from the vines" y/n wished and lay in the bed


I felt little comfy at the bed now, i didn't even feel my curly long hair. I sat and rubbing my eyes and slowly i open my eyes. "Wait this isn't my" i panicked i look down on my body i was half naked and i ran to someone's bathroom and open the lights

Cameron's POV

"Y/N WAKE UP!!" Shouting an unfamilar voice i walked to the bathroom i rubbed my eyes while turning the lights i look down i see a small cleavage, i smirk i looked at the mirror and scream like a bitch "fuck what is going on?" I panicked i tried finding my phone but failed but i saw a ipad mini charging i opened it but it has locked password "Damn it" i said


"Oh god where's my ipad?" I tried finding it but failed i only saw an iphone rosegold i opened it thank go- fuck it has a passcode, probably fingerprint might work i tried to scan my thumb it work, i open on the twitter i look at the profile "faster!! Load faster!!" I rage and my eyes widened "Are you fucking serious? I'm in the body of 'The Cameron Dallas" i rage, i mean i hate Cameron i hate the way he make vines his like a famewhore like the other, wait i'm to mean gotta contact my body

I search myself on twitter and dm

Cameron's POV

The IPAD got notification from my--- i mean another account account

Twitter : "@CameronDallas: hey, open my ipad the is xxxxx"

I unlocked the ipad and use her twitter

@Y/N : You need to get here. Explain me what's going on now.

@CameronDallas : i dont know either, well i'll meet you at the house

@Y/N : yeah yeah, my car key is in the drawer and i parked in the basement, pick me up now

@CameronDallas : Yeah yeah, chill. We'll figure this out later

---- End of the Convo ----

Whose this girl anyway, i open her IG and Photos i think i saw her somewhere.. I open his IG again i saw her feed was pretty cool, not a basic bitch. Just a plain girl having fun doing her own thing. She is kinda pretty he looks like she doesn't wear heavy make up

I entered to the shower with clothes on, i dont want to see her body, i will feel pervert and i will get a boner when i see a naked body of a girl i showered with clothes on


I ran to the shower and have a quick with boxers on, i wrapped the towel on my hips and remove the boxers " OH FUCK!! I FEEL WEIRD!!" I scream

I cant take it anymore i want to crawl!!! I cant walk like this, i feel something moving down.. I get some underwear and boxers and wear them and wear some clothes

Few Hours

I stopped in front of our house and knock on the door, well my mom open the door and she was bug-eyed "d-d-do y-you something?" She stuttered, does this guy really handsome i shook my head "Uhmm. May i talk to Ca-- i mean Kath" i scratched my head she gave a confuse looked but i smile awkwardly

"Kath!! Someone at the door for you" she scream while looking at me and i'm smiling awkward "Let him come up" he shout Mom let me in and closed the door and i ran to my room

"What the fuck is going on" he rage "Lower your voice" i said and gesture "First of all get your things packed we're going to stay in your place Cameron" i massage my forehead "wait what?" He said "So you want to stay here until we fix this?" I said and he shook his head "K fine" he said "I'll pack your things cause you're using my body anyway" i said

"Get my suitcase in the closet" i said and he followed, i put all my comfortable clothes in my suitcase and some occasional clothes just incase and my some of my make ups and my undies "you're ready to go" i said i zip the suitcase

"How are you gonna make me go.. Go get some approval from you mom" he said and pointed the door "yeah yeah, i'll do when go downstairs" i said , i drag the suitcase down and hold his hand

"Ms. McAllister me and Kath we'll be going for a camping for months or more than that" i said and she nod i looked at him "told ya" we got out to the house and put the suitcase in the back seat and got in and start driving

"Thank you" he said


END OF THE CHAPTER 1, LOL IM LAME AT MAKING FANFICTIONS ON ENGLISH IM WIERD!! Sorry about the story i needed it to make you understand the fanfic i know you're confuse.

FYI This will be short fanfic :3 dont yah worreh i will update it.

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