Max-Senpai~ Skydoesminecraft fan-fic Max-x-o/c

One day Luna,a very famous youtuber got an email from, Skydoesminecraft if she wanted to join sky media! And she joined! And meet her 'soulmate'? IDK!


17. The memorial service

 It was later on and I was getting better. I was still making vids cause making them made me feel better. But in 2 days we had to go to the memorial service which I didn't want to go to but we had to. *2 days later.   Today was the day that we had to go to the service. I turned on my camera. "Hey guys Luna here and I am just gonna update you on some things." All I had to tell them was that I will not have the chance to upload for about 3 days cause I will be gone. I already told them all the other things in a different vlog. I wasn't the type to keep it to my self unlike other youtubers. I hated leaving my viewers out. Once I was done I turned off my camera. I got up from my bed. I was already dressed and packed. "I guess it is time to go.." Max was going to the service thing with me for support. We got all of our stuff and got in my car. Max was gonna drive even though it's my car. It wasn't a vary long drive. Only like 3 hour's. We took our stuff and went to the hotel we were staying in. It was kinda late so we went to a place to eat. I decided to vlog when I was here to have something to upload. We went in the food place,ate then left. It was pretty late so we went to sleep. Once I woke up I went over to Max and woke him up. He was really sleepy though. I grabbed some cloths and went to the bath room. I put on the black lace shirt and black jeans. Then I put on some black metal jewlery to go with. Once that was done I put on my normal make-up on. My every-day-make-up was black eye shadow,black lipstick,black eyeliner, and a bit of normal face stuff. I don't go crazy with my make-up cause I don't like to. When I left the bath room Max had put on a black sweat shirt with his 'Z' necklace showing obviously. And black jeans. "Ready to gooo?" I asked Max picking up my keys. "Yeeep." "Then let's-a-go!!" 


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