Delilah is a girl that gets good grades and her best friend karina when she falls in love with the baddest boy in school named Vincent she meet him after he gets out of school for bad kids
When she thinks everything will go so good but goes down hill what will happen if everything is ruined will she move on or will she keep loving Vincent



"Delilah do you want to have a sleepover"Karina said"yeah I said 
The. We went to Karina's room to talk about stuff "omg I can't believe he asked you out"Karina said"me too I'm so happy"I said, then we heard a knock on the door and it was Daniel and Vincent "what are you doing here and how do you know where I live!"Karina asked"we followed you"Daniel said"Delilah doesn't know you're here so let's surprise her"Karina said to Vincent 
"Hey I brought something"Karina said"what is it"I said,then she brought Vincent "omg you brought Vincent"I said"hey what should we do"Vincent said"watch a movie"Karina said"yeah what movie"I said"what about paranormal activity 5"Vincent said"no"me and Karina said"sorry but we want to"Vincent said 
Then candy and David then we were going to play seven minutes in heaven, so we started to spin the bottle and it landed on Delilah and then it landed on Vincent, We went to Karina's closet and we shut the door and we started to make out"Time's up"Karina says"That fast"Vincent says"Yeah"Karina says"WOW"I say smiling.

     Then  Karina spins the bottle again and it landed on Daniel and Karina"Okay let's go Daniel"Karina says"okay" Daniel says, Then the time was up and they got out of the closet"That was amazing"Karina says"Yes"Daniel says"OMG Delilah Vincent gave you a hickey"Karina says"What Vincent what did you do"I say"Oh yeah i gave you a hickey 9is that a problem"Vincent says"No I just didn't feel when you were giving me a hickey"I say"well sorry but since were going out I love you"Vincent says"I love you too"i say"Hey so see you guys on Monday"Karina says


"Hey that day was amazing"Vincent says"I know"Daniel says"Im saying"Karina says"where is Delilah?"Vincent asks"Oh there she is"Karina says"Hey im moving to sit wit you"Vincent says"Okay"I say


Then we all sat together for lunch"So let's play a game we spin a thing and if it lands on the person you have to kiss that person"Karina says"Okay"we all say, Then Karina spins her case for her glasses and it landed on Karina and Daniel they kiss  and went back on spinning, then it stopped and it was me and Vincent, and i moved closer to Vincent, Then our lips touched like fireworks exploding, Then we pulled apart and we both smiled and we hugged,  because we were getting closer of our relationship 

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