The Man in White

Ever been trapped in your own thoughts? Maybe like someone is controlling you? Here's your explanation and solution.


1. Man in white

     Don’t go to bed I say! Don’t shut off the lights! As soon as you do, he will arrive. The man in all white. As soon as you close your eyes, he will be there. He will be there to inject it. He tells me to do bad things. Things that make my friends and family to disown me.
      I don’t like him. He forces me to hurt people. I have gone 73 hours without sleeping. I’m dizzy and tired. I’m scared to close my eyes. Every time I do, bad things happen. I can’t move my arms. All I see surrounding me is white cushion walls. Where am I? Where have they brought me?
      The lights went off. My eyes closed for only two minutes. I opened my eyes to see only the man in white. Sticking a needle in my arm. He sedated me. I felt at peace. The doctor told me not to worry, the pain will be over soon. My eyes got heavier. I started to breath slower. The room grew smaller. What has this man done to me? 
     He killed me. 


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