Victoria, Phoenix Queen


2. Unlocking The Phoenix

To get to the kingdom I have to pass through the forest of lost souls then take a boat across the lake of sorrows. Next I have to pass the dead bridge if you fall you never resurface trapped with evil. Then pass through the valley of kings after my long journey I arrived at the kingdom. I was exhausted when I reached the great gates I passed out when I awoke I was on a nice bed. Also had a white lace dress on as I got up the Solaris knight came in. He asked if I needed anything.

I told him I need to see the king and queen he took me to them when I saw them I bowed. When I told them what I came for the queen said I will have to prove myself. By doing that I have to fight the king, I won the battle she said you are the next women in line for the Phoenix. I asked her about Clare my sister she said my sister was a great fighter she had a close bond with her. She said how my sister had a bond with the Phoenix a close one my sister was the one who unlocked the power. The first to and now I'm taking after her the queen showed me the Phoenix.

I was amazed the beautiful bird was like a goddess so amazing the queen gave me a piece to my necklace. I told the queen my sister gave it to me, when the queen combined my necklace with the other piece. It turned into a flaming heart with wings I was fascinated, at that moment the Phoenix bowed to me I'm now the queen Phoenix. Now I'll take after my mother and destroy this darkness. As I said the spell the Phoenix possessed me I had longer hair my body was on fire. My scream was loud I felt invincible I said farewell to the queen and king and took off on this long journey

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