Victoria, Phoenix Queen


3. The Chosen One

As I was flying feeling the wind through my feathers the Phoenix started speaking to me. She was explaining how she knew my mother and why she was chosen what I heard made me cry. Tears of fire came out of my eyes the Phoenix cleared up my tears she cheered me up.

Flying through this peaceful night was nice I rested in a nice nest that I made in a tree when I awoke the next morning. My body felt refreshed my wings were a gorgeous gold as I got up I went to get some water. I decided to go for a nice flight over the water I felt so peaceful.

After messing around for a little bit we continued flying to the evil King Michael I was ready for anything. I took rests along the way to let my wings relax from all the hard work. I met some nice animals even the lions I was planning on staying with them for a little bit. I was like there Queen they did everything for me and I did things for them.

I took my clothes off I was naked all the animals looked at me I was like a goddess. To them they see me as there guardian angel. My body felt better without clothes suddenly my body started evolving so did the Phoenix. Inside me I felt more power my breast got bigger my hair gotten longer it was evolution. I'm now in the second level for the Phoenix I matured so did my Phoenix. Now I'm more powerful then ever

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