Victoria, Phoenix Queen


4. New Adventure

After a long period with the animals I said good bye I had to continue my journey. Along the way I faced some dangerous dragon but after I reasoned with him he became my friend. I told him about what my mission was and he agreed to help it was becoming night. So I helped the dragon set up the fire as we sat around we were talking a little bit about ourselves. At that moment the dragon turned into a human he was so handsome. His skin shined in the moonlight his body was so warm he told me his real name, his name is James.

We introduced ourselves to each other we were eating together and drinking he was flirting with me. I felt his warm breath on my neck his eyes shined like the sun. He whispered in my ear your my soulmate he wrapped his arms around my waist. I felt a kiss on my neck I felt so safe with him after a little to much drinking. James was really drunk I was really drunk. we made love that night he did everything right. My body felt so good feeling his body touching mine oh it was like heaven. From that night on we agreed to protect each other and we became soul mates he's just amazing

When it was morning he woke me up he rubbed my wings I felt reborn I told him that I need to continue my journey. I told him he can come with me and so we flew together he said he'll be my shield. He grabbed my hand and held it. Together the dragon and Phoenix will defeat this darkness together we die together we fight together. We were on our way we were getting close but it was still far.

In the sky we flew up to the clouds watching the sunset as we flew by it was so beautiful. I asked him why he loved me what did you see in me,he says your beauty and that he didn't want to see me alone. He said he felt my heart it was beating with a rhythm he said he knows when something's wrong. I looked at him he looked at me he said to me that I should never hide things from him. It was deal as long as he's by my side I'll be safe he had to keep me safe. After all I am the queen Phoenix.

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