Victoria, Phoenix Queen


5. Forming a new team

Along the way we saw a women her name is Hera she was the goddess of love and war. Also with her was Artemis and Hercules we all got aquatinted, as the queen I wanted them to be part of my team. We came together as one now we travel together Artemis and Hera rode horses on the ground And I flew Hercules. I told them that there's a war that I need to fight but I can't fight alone

I needed more back up. Hera said that we were going to need to train so we made camp. Artemis practiced archery Hera practiced fighting with Hercules and I was teaching James. We were doing martial arts archery fighting etc after practice was over. We were hunting for food we killed a tiger a deer and wolf we all had a nice dinner. I was setting up a spot to rest for me and James. Artemis and Hera will be sleeping together, and Hercules will be sleeping alone.

Once camp was set up we all went to bed after brushing down the horses. Plus adding a few resources the night was peaceful. Stars were out and we were all safe as I closed my eyes I had a bad nightmare. It was showing the great fight my love died in battle my friends became evil and that my powers, were taken away. James woke me up he said I was freaking out I told him what my dream was about.

James was speechless but he said that I won't let that happen I will always protect you he kissed my neck. I felt much better finding love making new friends everything was great. As the sun rises we all woke up to have breakfast James was massaging my wings. Artemis was talking with Hercules and Hera about the plan for battle the morning was great.

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