The PokeGames I: Sceptile

Here's a story I wrote about a Pokemon named Sceptile and its experience in a Pokemon hunger games: The Pokegames. Hope you like it~ (still in the process of typing it up, I have to copy it off of my phone)


7. Treachery

And then it hit me - the greninjas were going to eliminate me, and were doing so by earning my trust. The greninjas turned towards me and ran at full pace, I  then jumped directly upward and swung my tail at them, hurling them onto their backs. "I got the first move in, you have no chance!" I chuckled, but soon came to regret that thought when they threw water shurikens at me. I keeled backwards, injured. The two took advantage and hurled themselves at me and scratching my skin as deep as they could, but I could not let them win. I leapt up and swung my tail at the second greninja, and the first came running to his side. I tried to hurt the second greninja even more but the first would not allow me and defended him with all he could, and at last chance caught up when a Graveler appeared and started running at me. I fled into the woodland and found myself back at the cave I had stayed the previous night. "Boy, am I glad to see this luxury again." I sighed as i stepped into the cave, aware of any camouflaged Onix.

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