The PokeGames I: Sceptile

Here's a story I wrote about a Pokemon named Sceptile and its experience in a Pokemon hunger games: The Pokegames. Hope you like it~ (still in the process of typing it up, I have to copy it off of my phone)


1. Onix-pected

As the platform rose, my adrenaline surged through every part of me, down to the last leaf. Looking up, I noticed the timer had started. I can't read English, but I was pretty certain it was a 4. Before I knew it, I was running as fast as I could from the cornucopia, the branches of trees whipping my face, however, I did not mind considering I was a grass type Pokemon. I spotted a cave and threw myself into it before any other tributes could notice me. Oddly, I felt the rock beneath me move, and I instinctively rebounded to the opposite wall of the cave. It was an Onix, staring me in the eye, as though I had a long past with it that caused it to want revenge. Distracted by its menacing stare, I was hit by its destructive force. Injured, there was no way I could attack it. All was left to do was to dodge, and dodge I did. The Onix continued to attack, but every one missed, sending it hurtling into the rocky wall of the cave. I almost pitied for it, but then came to my senses and finished it off, using an absorb so that I may heal my injured tail. Trying not to stray too far, I pondered the woodland surrounding the cave to collect a substantial amount of berries. Eventually the day became night, an everlasting one at that, and I was able to get an undisturbed sleep in the cave.

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