The PokeGames I: Sceptile

Here's a story I wrote about a Pokemon named Sceptile and its experience in a Pokemon hunger games: The Pokegames. Hope you like it~ (still in the process of typing it up, I have to copy it off of my phone)


6. Greninja

A wet hand tapped my shoulder, and I jolted upright and sent a vine whip straight at the enemy - no, enemies - and dangled them by their legs. "And you are..?" I questioned, directly before their answer of which they spoke in unison, "we need help, to get to the top of the mountain, and you seemed to be fit for the job. Alright with ya?" "Uh, can I trust you?" Went my short, unconsidered answer. The two Greninjas looked at each other,
"Alright then, let's get to it." I sighed, before making my way toward the base of the mountain with the two Greninjas at my side making a ruckus louder than I would have preferred, and I decided not to listen to them as their conversation seemed excruciatingly boring. Unplanned, yet to our advantage, we crossed path with no Pokémon and reached the mountain earlier than anticipated. "So, what now, Greninjas?" I asked. The two looked each other and smirked.

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