Midnight Lies

As a kingdom of innocent royalty are lurked by darkness, one girl is torn in two with the pressure of the decision she must make: stay loyal to her family and friends, or watch as everything she's ever known gets devoured by the power and darkness of old allies. As she sneaks out of the kingdom twice a week at night, she knows the consequences she is facing, but what did the dark side promise Midnight for her alliance? And how long will it be before someone notices she's missing?


1. A/N

Dear Readers,

As I will not be on very often, don't expect a chapter from me every other day. I too have a life, but I will try to get a chapter in every two weeks to a month, for ideas do not come easily to me.

First of all, thank you to those who had faith in this story and had enough of it to click on the story, and second of all, I don't mind criticism ad as long as it is:



+Not Rude

+About the Story


Thank you again for reading this note!


Olivia S.



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