The Lilac Curse

In the beginning it were the parent's fault. Not being healthy while pregnant, leaving the newborns with a weird mark a random place on their body. But as the population increased, the number of newborn babies with a mark on their body increased as well. Scared by the unnatural marks, the unaffected seeked shelter abandoning children, leaving them to die or grow up alone. The marked children grew up, began building an alliance full with hatred, anger, fear and sadness. Realising one other person had the same mark as them, they got together and a bond where made. Making them stronger, invulnerable and fearless. And in the middle of all of this where a child who did not have one mark or zero, but 13. She, who's parents named these marks, The Lilac Curse.


2. Ω Introduction Ω

Little Lily was the name she always heard. The name everybody called her. 

Little Lily was 5 years old, when the flu hit her. The mother knew that everybody who got the flu, had to be taken to the hospital immediately. It wasn't a dangerous flu that could kill. Or so the doctors thought. 

They did not have a cure for the flu. Or what it left behind. A mark black as coal piercing the skin, telling everyone that it is there. You cannot cut it away, you cannot wait and see what happens. All you can do is live with it. It is a part of your body. 

As Lily grew older, it wasn't only the flu that left a mark, but being born also did. Newly born babies would be born with a mark placed on a random spot on the body. Many times have the mothers of the children tried to kill their own out of fear, but never did they succeed, as the mark protected the wearer harming the enemy. 

Lily got close to her 10th birthday, when she began hiding her body from her mother. She did not want her mother to see what she saw. All of her friends has only 1 mark, and in rare cases 2. Lily...

she had 13

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