A young teenage girl has to go to Mars,due to the world ending..she survives a hurricane,alien attack and the lost of her dear family.She isn't sure how to feel about this new life.she gains friends,and she turns into a monster in order to disguise herself.Will she countioue life in Mars or go into total darkness?


1. Day of Change

Chapter 1) Natalie woke up and got dressed.As usual,she got on the School bus and went to school.She rushed to 1st period and ran into her best friend Lia,"hi!!"Lia said in joy and hugged Natalie,"uh,Hi!"Natalie said in a nervous way."Have you heard?"they over heard a group of girls standing beside them"What is the picture about?"the girl said to the other.Natalie tipped-Toed to catch a glimpse of the picture.She saw a picture of a alien creature,"mmm"she thought "maybe a photoshopped  person that dumb people post"...BEEEEEEEEP!!!!! Natalie ran quickly as she can to class trying not to be tardy for the 3rd time.But it was too late,"Ms.SALAZAR!!!!"Natalie's teacher slapped a text book on her desk. Natalie stared down at the textbook and tried to ignore her teacher's screaming"WHY ARE YOU LATE THIS TIME?!"Natalie's teacher snapped at Natalie."ummm..I uh I-""You need to stop this foolishness of yours!And get to class on time!It isn't the end of this world,so why be acting badly-"A huge thump was heard and then turned into a small earthquake."CLASS!GET UNDER THE DESKS NOW!!"the teacher said in fear.Natalie ran from the class room and left school,"Lia!!!!!!"she screamed."Natalie!here"Lia blurted,hiding in the attic the school had."Why are we hiding in this crusty,dusty,ugly-looking attic?Isnt this for tornados?"Natalie asked in disgust,"I know but-" The earthquake suddenly stopped."There is going to be a tornado soon." "How do you know?"Natalie asked."The picture we saw.It resembles the end of the world."

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