My brothers best friend

This fanfic is about Grace's love for Calum's best friend Luke. She has great times and creates amazing memories with everyone hope you enjoy��


1. Introduction to Grace

It was the night before I went back to Australia to see my older brother Calum and my mom. Me and Calum were separated when we were 7 and have been apart for 12 years now. Once I leave Ohio I'm staying in Australia because the only contact I have had with Calum is through text and calls. He also told me about his band with three other people which were now his best friends..


Calum: Grace I forgot to tell you about my band! Its called 5 seconds of summer and I want you to meet the guys tomorrow there is Luke , Michael and Ashton I can't wait till you get here!


Me: Oh Calum I can't wait to meet the boys! And I can't wait to see you either its been so long! I have to go now because dad is calling me but I will see you tomorrow!


I forgot to tell you!! When our parents divorced I stayed with our dad and Calum went with our mum. Well tomorrow is a long day I better go to sleep now....



AN//Sorry this was a short chapter its my first time writing fanfic if you have any suggestions don't forget to leave them in the comments!!

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