The Battle For The Rock

Two different groups of friends battle for the perfect hangout.


6. Alex

It was two months later and we were all enjoying the sunset at The Rock together.

“Hey guys. I have an announcement!” Ariana stood up. She seemed nervous and excited at the same time, “Remus and I are officially dating!” she squealed.

A smile grew on my face, “Seriously! I’m so happy for you guys!” I looked down at my boyfriend, Marcus. He was so great, I’m so lucky to have him.

“AAAAAGHHHHAGAGAGGGGAHHHHAGAGAGGHHHHHH!”we all jumped as Gabe flew by, swinging on a rope and fell into the pond. We all laughed, even though he scared the living daylights out of all of us.

“Friends!” Thor came running out of the forest, “Guess what! I have decided to build a house right by The Rock! So I may spend all of my time here!”

I was surprised, “That’s great Thor! If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you?”

“I am nineteen years old.”




Gabe pulled himself out of the water and sat down, “So where’s Jade?”

“Oh I know!” Ariana exclaimed, “She said she ran away with her boyfriend Ryan.”

“Oh don’t worry about that. She runs away with her imaginary boyfriends all the time. She’ll be back by tomorrow.” Marcus stated.

“Look!” I pointed, “A shooting star! Everyone make a wish!” Everyone quickly closed their eyes and made a wish.

“I don’t need too.” Marcus looked around at everyone. Ariana and Remus, Gabe, Thor, and finally his gorgeous brown eyes landed on me, “Everything I need is right here.”

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