Into the Ocean

After the war with Gaia, the son of Poseidon has come home. He didn't quite expect to find a sister waiting for him.


3. Two

Percy and I walked inside the Big House, where Chiron as already waiting. "I suspect you are asking about each other?" he said without looking up from the table, where he appeared to be writing something.

"You never told me I had a sister."

"I never knew."

"Why is she here? And how did you not know?"

"I do not know, Percy. She is here because she is a demigod and we must protect all demigods. I know this may be a shock for you, but rest assured this is not a bad thing for either of you."

"I didn't think it was," Percy laughed. "I'm just surprised."

He turned to me, finally someone has acknowledged my existence. "You okay?"


He laughed. "Come on, let's go meet my friends."

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