Into the Ocean

After the war with Gaia, the son of Poseidon has come home. He didn't quite expect to find a sister waiting for him.


6. Five

Dinner was uneventful. We just ate, really. I noticed that Percy didn't seem to want to talk to me much, just talked to his mates. I mean, I guess that's cool, but it was a tad annoying. Still, I didn't want to be rude, so I just kept quiet.

In the time is spent at Camp Half Blood, is come to realise that everyone was very, very loud, a lot more than I was used to. My mom used to say I was so loud that they could here me in space, but Camp Half blood was way louder than that.

And it wasn't just the speaking either. It was the sort of general him after the battle, and the nervous sort of tingling in the air.

I looked over at another table - Hades, if been told - and noticed two new faces, both of whom Percy was chatting to. From what I heard, they were named Nico and Hazel, and both looked about my age, maybe a tad older but not by much.

Percy was also talking to some other kids who must have been his friends - to be honest, it seemed he was friends with everyone - a girl with curly blonde hair at Atgena, a Roman girl with dark pleated hair, a big guy who looked Asian - Chinese, I thought to myself - a boy is learned was a kid of Zeus with blonde hair, and a girl with choppy dark brown hair, who looked pretty, well, pretty.

But at the end of the night, we realised that soon this number of us Would half in side. The Romans were going home, to San Fran - don't you think San Fran sounds weird, I think it does - and we'd be left. There wasn't much longer left of camp, I didn't think. I'd have to go back to school, over in DC. I wasn't sure I wanted to, to be honest. Maybe I could convince mom to move us closer to camp.

She's awful at saying no to me.

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