Bug Battle

When a new bug carrying a new venom sweeps the world, it is up to a those seemingly immune to the venom to band together and survive in a destroyed world


1. The Bug

Everyone expected the world to end in Fire or Ice. Some even suspected a zombie apocalypse, but no one expected bugs. Yes that's right bugs. No one knows the origin of the strange blue and yellow beetle that swept across the world but many suspect a government experiment. I personally think it was due to the waste and pollution creating some form of mutant. While no one knows for sure everyone knows this: It's deadly. A single bite from this vicious insect will cause you to go mad start foaming at the mouth, attacking the people you once called friends, and kill you all within three days. It only took one month for it to topple the U.K., France, and Germany. The U.S. was next on their path of destruction and everyone knew it, and with that in mind, anarchy ensued. There was no way any police or military force could hold back the thousands from ransacking homes and stores. People would run into a store, threaten everyone inside, and light I fire on the roof, all for the last box of twinkies. Entire shopping malls were ransacked and destroyed, people were dying, buildings were burning, and I still had to go to school. 

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