Red Eyes

Red eyes to your spine they bring a shiver. With pimples that roughen your skin and you have demands of fear. You're filled with anxiety as you moan and groan. Your memories creep and they will be replaced.


1. Red Eyes

To your spine they bring a shiver

There are pimples that roughen your skin

Upon your thoughts are demands of fear

And your mind is filled with anxiety


You moan and groan with memories that creep

Forever more they will be replaced

To the sound of your heart

Inside of you they crawl


Mysteries of the past.......

Will crumble with the decay of time

Dreary shadows cast through the dark

With trees that are bare and dark


We hear crows that dwell

That do disturb the ghosts

Look at where they roost

With long gone wheels


A mist of winter breath

As they watch from a window

And it rolls from a street

The ghostly mists of Red Eyes

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