Texted Him

•Hey Babe ~L•
•Who is this?•
•Luke. Duh, Ali? ~L•
•Oh... Wrong number? ~L•

-Lacey got a text. After that text came another. She kept on texting this boy, not knowing who the hell he was... But like they say, You never know who's on the other side of that screen-

-Contains some strong language-


3. Tommy? But Luke!

Lacey's Point Of View


I woke up the next morning and showered. Then I changed into high waisted shorts and a loose crop top. I put on some sandals and grabbed my backpack and phone. I stuck my phone in my bag and walked out the door, putting my sunglasses on my head. I drove to school and walked to my locker.

Tommy walked toward me and I looked at him.

"Hey To" I said and he smiled. He always smiled at me, even if he was totally upset.

"I'm sorry" he said

"No Tommy, it's my fault . But I want to let you know that it was the wrong number that guy was texting, and I told him it was." I said.

"It's ok" he said and hugged me. I kissed his cheek and he smiled at me.

"Let me help" he said, taking a few of my books. I quickly finished my work at my locker and locked it . I left my phone in there so that Luke didn't text me again.


We walked to my first class

"I'll see you later, love" he said

"Bye. Love you"


I got home and sipped on my ice latte from Dunkin Donuts.

Hey Lace ~L

Hey. Luke, right? ~LC

Correct. How's your day? ~L

Good. Tommy isn't mad at me. ~LC

Ooh. Boyfriend is back in business? ~L

Yes, Luke. He is ~LC

Nice. Let me tell you about myself so your not TALKIN to a stranger ~L

I got time ~LC

So my name is Lucas but Luke for short. Last name is Hemmings. I'm 17. I have a girlfriend named Allison. Um... I have 2 brothers. And that's it ~L

Well I'm Lacey Rose. I'm 16. I have a boyfriend names Tommy. I had no siblings and my dad passed away 3 years ago. ~LC

Nice and sorry ~L

Thanks. I gtg my boyfriend is calling ~LC

Oh... Well ok.. I guess. Text me back later ? ~L

If I have time yea. Bye ~LC

A/N- I'm super happy bc this got already 6 likes and like 150 reads!! And I also got a new fan so whoever u are thank you so much! So tHank you all who r reading this I love you all and keep commenting! xx


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