Texted Him

•Hey Babe ~L•
•Who is this?•
•Luke. Duh, Ali? ~L•
•Oh... Wrong number? ~L•

-Lacey got a text. After that text came another. She kept on texting this boy, not knowing who the hell he was... But like they say, You never know who's on the other side of that screen-

-Contains some strong language-


23. Oh Come On

Lacey's POV

I walked down the bleachers at the end of the game to go to Jackson. Our team won... so the other guys were depressed. I smiled at him and he wrapped his arm around me while finishing his water. 

"See that, love. That's how you play a game." He said and I laughed as we walked to the car. He opened my door and as he was walking to my side I heard someone whistle at me. 

"DAMN GIRL" He yelled and I turned around. There stood a brown haired kid, probably older than me. Jackson looked at the kid and I looked down. 

"BABY WON'T YOU COME MY WAAAY" He yelled Fetty Wap lyrics to me as Jackson walked towards him. 

"Oh hey pretty boyy" The guy said and Jack stood directly in front of him. 

"You better stay the hell away from her." He said and I walked up to them. 

"Why she yours?" He asked

"No but-" 

"Well then I could do whatever I want" He said and Jack's face hardened. 

"I dare you." He whispered and I grabbed his arm.

"Hey, bud. Let's go." I said and wrapped my arm around his. 

Suddenly the guy grabbed my arm. 

"HEY!" I yelled and all of a sudden, he was on the floor. 

I turned and saw Luke looking down at him. He looked up at me in the eyes. 

"Thanks bro." Jack nodded at Luke. 

"Let's go Lace." Jack said and held me close as he walked me to the car. 

"I'm sorry. Don't let these guys here hurt you. Stay away, and come to me." He said and I nodded. 

"It's ok.. I'm fine." I said. 

We got back to the apartment and I sat on the couch. 

"I'm gonna go sleep, babe. I'll see you tomorrow, ok?" He asked and I nodded. He kissed my cheek and walked to his room. I felt something in my pocket and saw a slip of paper. 

 Meet me at Harvard's courtyard 20 mins. - L 

I smiled and wrote Jack a note as I walked out the door. 

I walked over to the courtyard and saw Luke. 

"Hey Luke" I said and he looked down. 


"Give me your number." I said and he quickly put it in. 

"Dammit I left my jacket." I whispered. 

"Here." He said and handed me his Nike sweatshirt. 

"You sure?" He asked. 

"Yeah of course." He said and I walked with him. 

"I've missed you." He said.

"Same..." I said. 

"Lacey I wanna be with you again." He whispered. 

"Luke... I'm back with Tommy. So many things would change." I said and sighed. 

"You have my number. If anything happens... text me." He said and got up. 

"You're just gonna leave?" I asked. 

"Nothing better we have to do." He said. 

"Luke. I freakin walked this far this late at night for a 2 minute talk? I don't think so." I said and he stopped. He slowly turned around.

"Tell me what you want to talk about? Tommy? School? Your roommate? There's nothing for us to talk about so what's the point." He said. 

"Don't you dare just walk away from me."

"And tell me who did that first?" He asked 

"Oh shutup Luke." I said, he walked to me.

"No seriously. You just ran away and totally disconnected with me. Just because of what happened that day. I literally had just started kissing that girl when you came. I was very drunk, and that because of my friends. You gave me 0 chances to explain!" He yelled.

"Who told you to hang out with people like that? And it doesn't matter second or minute! You kissed her anyways." I shot back. 

"You were the first girl I ever actually cared about! I said I was SORRY! What else can I do? I thought for days and months about you and you didn't even think twice and got back with Tommy!" He yelled and I sighed, tears starting to come. 

"Because I needed a distraction from you!" I yelled, my voice cracking at the ned. He shook his head, rubbing it with his hand. 

"Lacey. I love everything about you! Why can't you see that." He said. 

"Because." I said, taking his hoodie off. "I can't" 

I threw his sweater at him and stormed off. 

He ran up behind me and took his long sleeve shirt off, his bare stomach showing. 

"Take my shirt." He said. I kept walking. 

"Take my jacket!" He yelled. 

"UGH OH MY GOSH! Fine!" I said and took his jacket, I put it on and walked away. 

"Whatever Lace." He said and walked away. I sighed as I walked in the cool fall air. 


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