Texted Him

•Hey Babe ~L•
•Who is this?•
•Luke. Duh, Ali? ~L•
•Oh... Wrong number? ~L•

-Lacey got a text. After that text came another. She kept on texting this boy, not knowing who the hell he was... But like they say, You never know who's on the other side of that screen-

-Contains some strong language-


18. Got It

Quick Authors Note! : Since I will be busy for the whole weekend, I had to update! So I selected the winner and who will be featured in the book! I promise, I wrote the names on paper, put them in a hat, and selected RANDOMLY! But to everyone who didn't win, there may be some in my other stories too, so go try out those ones. OK! THE WINNER IS...................... @Beth R/N  AKA Beth Raen! Congratulations! If you are offended by anything your character says or does, please let me know!! I'm soon sorry to those who didn't get chosen, but look for more of these! I'm gonna do a bit more soon! XX ENJOY THE CHAPTER!


Lacey's POV

I looked at the girl as she walked away. I'll probably see her later. I cheered on Luke's game as my phone dinged. 

Ahah. Already with another guy? Let me spell something out for you. S-L-U-T. xoxo ~Unknown

What the hell. The bullying is going to get way worse now that I'm not with Tommy. Honestly, I don't know what to do. I stuffed my phone in my bag and crossed my arms as I tried to pay attention to the game. Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder. 

"Um, yes?" I asked and turned around. There was a kid with brown hair  swept upwards with a blonde streak and hazelish eyes. He had a really sharp jaw line.

"You seem upset." He said and I raised my eyebrows. 

"You can tell what emotions people are feeling by looking at them?" I asked

"I guessed" 

"Well... I'm not upset. But I'm not happy." I said.

"Well. Can I give you some company?" He asked

"Sure. I'm Lacey"

"I'm Grayson." 


I talked to Grayson for a little bit before I had to leave.

"I'll see you later I guess?" I asked and he nodded. 


I walked down the stairs of the bleachers and saw Luke on the field. 

"Good job Luke" I said and ruffled his hair, which was quite wet from sweat. 

"Thanks" He said and hugged my side. 

"Hey Calum" He said as a guy walked up to us. 


Then that girl who was there before came up and kissed him. 

"Hey Beth" he said and I smiled at her. 

"Oh, I never got to introduce myself" I said and she looked at me.

"Uh, ok" 

"I'm Lacey" I said and she nodded

"Beth. Beth Raen" 

"I'm Calum" the guy said and stuck his hand out for me to shake. I introduced myself again and looked at Luke. 

"Uh wanna go?" I asked 

"Sure..." he answered awkwardly and we walked away. 

"Luke. You smell disgusting. Change before we go" I said and he laughed. He took off his jersey and put on a t-shirt. 


We went to his car and I sprayed him with cologne. 

'Thanks" he chuckled. "Hey, you wanna go home?"
"Uh yeah... I guess" I said and he started driving. 

Once we got to my house I was hesitant to get out of the car. 

"Lace?" he said. "You ok?"
"Uh... it's just that my mom is always working late... and Tommy used to stay with me. But uh I'm gonna be alone.

"You wanna come to my house?" he asked. 

"I dont wanna like, bother anyone or-" he cut me off

"No it's perfectly fine. Let's go get your clothes and you could totally come to my house" He said. I smiled and we both went inside. 

Once we were at his house, everyone was sleeping. We went up to his room and he got out blankets. 

"You sleep on the bed and I'll sleep floor" he said

"Seriously? Luke no, you sleep on the bed. In perfectly fine on the floor" I said and quickly sat on top of the blanket on the floor

"Do you feel comfortable sleeping with me on the bed? I couldn't let you sleep on the floor" he asked.

"I do. But if you do"


I got in the bed with him and we were pretty spaced out. I decided that if we were gonna be close friends, then we had to be ok with each other. I rolled over to him and put my arms around his back from behind. He didn't realize it, until he relaxed a bit and seemed ok with it. I closed my eyes and went to bed.

Authors Note : #Lucey #Lukacey :)


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