Texted Him

•Hey Babe ~L•
•Who is this?•
•Luke. Duh, Ali? ~L•
•Oh... Wrong number? ~L•

-Lacey got a text. After that text came another. She kept on texting this boy, not knowing who the hell he was... But like they say, You never know who's on the other side of that screen-

-Contains some strong language-


43. eh, who cares?

Lacey's POV

I walked back inside with Luke and rolled my eyes.

"Hey it's alright. He'll realize soon enough. Sometimes you have to point things out to make people notice them." He said.

"Yeah lets hope. Who is she anyways?" I asked.

"She's a model for some brand, and Michael met her at one of the parties we had to go to. They apparently hit it off but she's gained a lot of fame since him, so I don't know if it's for that or whatever. I didn't like her but obviously Michael wouldn't listen." He explained, as the cool breeze blew past us on the balcony.

"Whatever, I don't even care."
"Haha babe you don't have to. Michael's problems are not yours, understand. It's sad that people can't find lovers like you." He said and leaned down to peck my cheek.

"It is sad." I laughed and he hugged me. 

"But seriously Lace, it's okay. Don't get too upset over this. He's always been naive, we all have at some point. He's really wanted a girl. It's ok and eventually he'll find one that we all will adore." 

"Yeah, he will." I said and we sat on the couch.

"I have to go to a party tomorrow. There's gonna be a ton of artists there, I wanted to ask if you wanted to come with me?" He asked,

"Hell yeah. I definitely will. But I need a dress since a lot of my things are packed because of college." I said and he nodded.

"Come on I'll take you to the mall." He said and called his driver. 

We ran through the now-small mob formed outside in my yard, and jumped into the black SUV.

After about 15 minutes, we arrived at the mall. I hopped out of the car to no noise, since no one had found out Luke was here. 

He put his hood up and so did I, and we walked into the mall face down, security following us from behind.

We walked into a dress store, and a lady walked up to us. They shut the doors and we took our hoods off. 

"Hello gorgeous!" She exclaimed and grabbed my hand. 

"Welcome both of you!" Luke kissed her hand and she smiled. 

"I'm Luke and this is my girlfriend Lacey." She grinned.

"I'm Celine. I'll be helping you with finding the perfect outfit for any occasion" She said and we thanked her.

"So hun. What are you looking for?" She asked.

"I really want light pink or silver." I said and she nodded.

"Let me measure you and we'll get right on it. And you Luke?" She asked.

"Just need a new suit." He said and her team walked to him.

She began measuring me and then walked into the back.

"Okay, here are some options." She held up 4 dresses. One was baby pink and long from the back and short from the front. It was strapless and had a silver embroidery around the top right. 

"I like that one" I said and she handed it to me. 

"PEEERFECT! I'll find you shoes, and the perfect clutch. Go try it on meanwhile." She said and I listened, and put it on. It fit perfectly. Like it was made for me.

I walked out and called Luke over. 

"Wow Lacey you look amazing. This looks perfect" He said and spun me around.

"You think so?" I asked and he nodded.

"Oh doll, they're waiting on you." Celine said and he smiled and walked away. She handed me matching shoes and the clutch, and they fit. I took it off and changed to my regular clothes and we went to the register.

"This one will be $2050." She said and handed the dress to the security.

"Hell no." I said to Luke.

He handed her his credit card and I widened my eyes.

"You're crazy. No way" I said and he shook his head.

"This is no problem Lacey. I never could afford to get you anything nice. A dress won't do anything." He said and I hugged him.

"I don't need anything from you besides yourself." I said and he smiled.

We got into the car and drove home, ready for the day ahead.





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