Texted Him

•Hey Babe ~L•
•Who is this?•
•Luke. Duh, Ali? ~L•
•Oh... Wrong number? ~L•

-Lacey got a text. After that text came another. She kept on texting this boy, not knowing who the hell he was... But like they say, You never know who's on the other side of that screen-

-Contains some strong language-


41. about a week ago...

Lacey's POV

Friday came very soon. I was happy about Luke coming back, but I was pretty concerned about my mom's work since she'd been having issues. I was on my toes waiting for Luke to come home.

He walked in and my worries went away. I jumped onto him and wrapped my arms around his neck to keep balance.

"Hey Luke." I yelled and he laughed.

"Hey Lacey!"

He carried me to the couch and sat down, me half on his lap half not.

"How have you been?" I asked.

"I've missed you." He replied.

"You're here nowwwww."

We talked for a little while about random things.

"Hey you seem off what's wrong?" Luke asked.

"Nothing." I said trying to get rid of the discussion.

"Lacey. You're my best friend. And my lover. I know when something is wrong."

"My mom. It's something with her job and she's supposed to be back tonight but if this keeps going on she won't be back for another long while and I'm kinda alone here." I said and he frowned. He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me into a hug,

"I'm sorry about that." He said and I groaned.

"What can you do?" I sighed

"Nothing but I'm here for you now. You're not gonna be alone anymore. "

"Thank you."

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