The Only Hope For Me Is You

"You're my only hope. I wouldn't be here, if it weren't for you. Don't ever leave me."


11. Chapter 10

Harry's POV:

By the end of class, I had my hands covered in dried clay. I hate working with clay. It's much more difficult to build it than drawing it. Scarlett, on on the other hand, seemed to have enjoyed it. Her puppy was coming to life. She had made its small body, long ears and tail.

Placing my clay cat in a container, I then headed towards the sink to rinse the excess clay on my hand.


Scarlett, who was behind me handed me a paper towel.

"Thanks." I said under my breath.

"You're welcome."




"Hello again." A small giggle erupted from her lips.

A sigh left mine, "Now what? Shouldn't you be with your brother? He has a car." I said stating the obvious.

"He does." She said matter of factly, "But I had to stay a bit, and Calum just wanted to go home after a long day. Soo, I told him not to worry." She said clamping her hands together.

"Well, you can go ahead of me."

She frowned, "No. I'm going to walk with you."

I rolled my eyes, "Whatever."

A content smile spread across her face, "Awesome."

"So... enjoying having the house all to yourself?"


She nodded slowly, "When are they come back?"


"That's nice."




"I want to say sorry for what i did and said yesterday. You were right. I was acting like a bitch. I shouldn't push you into trying to be friends or demand to know why you don't want to. I know you have your own problems and I was being stupid by pressuring you. I didn't mean to slap you, I don't know... it's just came out of me." She shrugged shyly.

Came out of you?

"And I don't expose myself. In fact I'm the complete opposite if you haven't noticed. I tend to be very closed off with a lot of people. And I mostly come off as mysterious and sometimes even dark, but I'm not. I'm closed off with those who I obviously don't know. But with you, I don't know... its kind of how it was with Ash. I just felt some type of connection..."

Connection? What connection is she talking about? We barely know each other. All we know is our names, appearance and voice.

"If anything I would hate being popular. I don't like being the center of attention. Being popular can bring good and bad. Good, well, everyone will always love your fashion sense, who you are with, what you get, stuff like that. You know, what materialistic people get. On the other head, if one of their secrets spill, the school," she snapped her fingers, "in a second, will know."

She smirked then chuckled. I wanted to respond, I really did. But once you talk and actually connect with the person... you may get attached. We were about 8 minutes from our houses. I sped up my pace, but that didn't make her fall behind.

"You're right though. What's the point in trying to make more friends when most of them aren't even around when you need them the most? They just leave you. They're only there when they  need you."

"We think that friends will be forever, that they won't judge you. That, they'll stay loyal and won't leave, but that's just an image created by us. We're basically asking for a friend that is perfect. Because at some point or another, they do something that will make you doubt them from there on out." I said quietly.

She stayed silent. She bit her lip and looked down.

"Yeah. They betray you. Some times they can betray you for something so little. Worst of all, they sell you for something insignificant. They never cared. They just use you when they need you. If you have something they want or like, they'll only be with your for that. They think that they're the only one who have needs and troubles. You'd listen to them, but they'd tune you out. You'd console them in their toughest time, but they had "plans" just to avoid you. They tell you not to tell no one, but they don't think twice when it's something about you."

Once again, her voice cracked. Her knuckles where turning white, and her breathing became heavier.

"I have to go."

Before I could respond, she was off. I didn't even realize we had got here. Somethings up.

And It had to do with her past.





"Harry! Honey, how are you?"

"I'm fine mum. Enjoying my time. How's everything with dad?" I muttered the last sentence.

"Great. I think this trip changed him! Oh, I'm so happy! This is what we needed."

Dad changing? Ha, nothing can make me believe that.

"That's great mom." I said with a bit of sarcasm.

"Well, just called to check in. We'll see you on Sunday then. Bye hun.

"Bye mum."

Sighing out in relief, I went straight up to my room. Throwing my bag across the room, I jumped on my bed. Today, aside from Scarlett following me around, has been bearable. Tyler seemed to be on some happy pill, because he didn't do anything and was being strangely cooperative with the teachers. I think I could call this day a good day for once. And to keep it that way, I will be sleeping to avoid anything that could ruin it.



"Harry! Wait up."

Scarlett's voice sounded raspy from the distance. Here we go again.

"Hi." She whispered.


We walked in silent, she didn't say anything. It was morning. Nobody had the want to say anything on a school morning. Our shoulders would bump into each other from time to time. I then realized that she was wearing earbuds, which is why she wasn't saying a word. She had a straight face on, and I could see now how she could come off as mysterious. She was wearing a shirt that has some type of blue heart and a name of a band, but I just couldn't decipher it from this angle.


I quickly looked away and looked straight forward, "N-nothing. Just looking a-at your shirt."

"Mmm, ok." She just shrugged it off, "Bye Harry."


Again, without noticing, we were in school grounds now.




Walking towards 2nd Period was quiet eventful. As I was getting out 1st period, someone rammed me towards the lockers.


The dark-haired boy who I considered a nice person, had me up against the lockers practically lifting me off the ground. His face was slightly red, his knuckles were white and his breathing was increasing by every second. And honestly, it scared me.

"Leave. My sister alone." He said through gritted teeth.


He pressured me more against the lockers, creating pain on my lower neck.

"Just stay the fuck away from her!" He growled, "Because of you, she's been remember everything. She doesn't need to be reminded of such traumatic events. So just stay away from her, you here me?" He lowered his voice.

"I- she's the one f-following me around. I try to avoid her, but she follows me." I stuttered out.

"Well, ignore her. Don't talk to her, don't look at her and don't even think of her." His grip loosened up, my feet touching the ground again. He gave me one last push and stormed off.

Trying to regain my breath, I began walking to History. What traumatic events is he talking about? Did she have a rough past? Let's not think about her Harry. I'm not going to investigate, I respect her privacy. Plus, I'm not risking get hurt by Calum. So from here on out,

Avoid Scarlett at all costs.




Sucking in a breath, I entered 7th period. Guitar. Heading towards my seat, I saw Scarlett smiling at me. But I also saw the way Calum's fists clenched. And I couldn't change seat because Mr.Riverdale wouldn't allow it.

"Hi Harry."

My mouth stayed shut, not daring to make a single sound. I could feel Calum glaring at me from the side. My heart was pounding against my chest and I'm pretty sure he could hear. Calum sitting next to me makes everything far more worst. He was watching my every move and it was making me uncomfortable. It was going to be a long class.






"Practice the new chords!" Mr.Riverdale shouted as everyone tried leaving quickly.

"Hey Harry, wanna walk together?"

Her soft voice made me weak in the knees. I just wanted to cave in and talk. Get to know each other. But, no. Aside from becoming attached, I had Calum on my back. I acted as If I didn't heard anything and walked past her. I left, but not before noticing how her face dropped. It tortured me on the inside.

Why must is have to be this way?


Reaching 8th period, I asked Mrs.Clare If I could move seats.

"Darling, you could sit wherever you want. There are no assigned seats in this class."

"Oh ok, thanks." I mumbled.

"No problem."

There was a seat left next to David. He was a good kid, so I picked that seat. He gave me a shy smile, then returned to scrolling on his phone.

I saw Scarlett enter the room. I looked down, but from a side view, I saw the way her face changed. The small hope she had, all vanished when she saw I wasn't in the same seat. Hesitantly, I looked up. She stood at the door way, her eyes were just staring at me. She sighed in disappointment and walked to her original seat.

Maybe this time, she herself will avoid me.




As soon as the bell rang, i jolted up from my seat and sped walked towards the schools exit.

"Harry- Harry!"

Scarlett's voice was being engulfed by the people surrounding her. But her voice got closer.

"Harry wait!"

Keep going Harry.

"Harry." I felt a small hand wrap around my wrist and held me back.

She was out of breath but she still had a firm grip, "Wh-"

I yanked my wrist out of her grasp, "Stop! Just stop! Can't you just leave me alone?" I raised my voice.

She flinched and backed away a little, "Har-"

"No! Stop following me!"

Because you make me want it more.

"Stop looking at me!"

Because it gives me hope.

"Stop talking to me!"

Please don't, you give me company and warmth.

"Just leave me alone!"

Please don't leave me.

"Understand that I don't want to be near you!" I growled.

With that, I turned on my heels and sped off. But with the image of her face stuck in my head. The way her face had hurt written all over it. The way her eyes didn't shine, but were dull.

And I won't forget how the tears streamed down her face.


 Much love to all of you who read my book! I was wondering today, does my book make you smile? Because when I read romance books, they got me smiling and blushing like crazy. And when the book is left on a cliffhanger, it's in my head for the whole day, imagining what could happen next. Is it just me? Lol hopefully not. Love ya'll.



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