Makeup Running Down My Face

Kennedy Sledge can't hear, she's deaf. She's never known what music sounded like. So one morning, she found herself able to hear, strangely. She checked online for concerts, and a concert of some band called Five Seconds of Summer was the closest, tonight. She had to make it as soon as possible. But when she goes, something, miraculous happens, I mean, more than being able to hear when your deaf, she catches one of their eyes.


4. Chapter 4

 Kennedys POV

As I walked home, I thought about Ashton, about the kiss, and about Daisy. I reached the front door, walked in, and my mom smiled at me. She took my hand and showed me to the garage. There was a small box, moving around. Yes, I just said moving around. My mom opened it, and the cutest dog I have ever seen was in it. It jumped out of the box. It was a long haired, dappled, miniature dachshund. It was so cute. I picked ith up. It was a girl. "What did you name it?" I asked. "You get to decide that." Mom said. I thought and thought about a goodname for her would be. Ray. I thought. "How about Ray?" I asked. My mom nodded. Ray, perfect. "We could go to the pet store to get her some stuff. But we can't leave her here." Mom said. "We could drop her off at Ashton's." I said. Mom nodded. We drove to Ashton's house, and I rang the doorbell. "Your back early. And your with your mom." Ashton said. "Can you take care of her for an hour or so?" I asked. "Your mom?" Ashton asked. I rolled my as and handed him Ray. "What's her name?" Ashton asked. "Ray, like from Star Wars." I said. He laughed Michael came to the door. "IS THAT A PUPPY????????" He asked\yelled. I nodded. He started dancing like a crazy person which he was. Mom and I said goodbye, and walked back to the car. "So, what do you think of Ashton?" I asked. "I don't know, I didn't really meet him." She said. I nodded. We drove to the pet store. I bought a yellow and grey flowerdy collar, and we got to customize a tag. We bought a crate, bedsi for the crate, food, toy's, bones, treats, puppy shampoo and conditioner, and bowls. We checked out, and the cashier was pretty hot, he smiled at me as we left. "I hope Ray will like all this." Mom said. I'm sure she'll love it." I replied. "Just drop me off at Ashton's." I said. I put the tag on the collar, and grabbed her leash. I walked into Ashton's. The boys were in the backyard with Ray. "You really like her, don't you!" I said. They all said yes. I picked her up, put her collar on. Ashton smiled at me. "She's beautiful." He said. I nodded. "My dog would probably like her." He said. "You have a dog?" I asked. He nodded. "He's at my moms house." Ashton said. I nodded. "Want to go to the park with her." Everyone nodded. 



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