Makeup Running Down My Face

Kennedy Sledge can't hear, she's deaf. She's never known what music sounded like. So one morning, she found herself able to hear, strangely. She checked online for concerts, and a concert of some band called Five Seconds of Summer was the closest, tonight. She had to make it as soon as possible. But when she goes, something, miraculous happens, I mean, more than being able to hear when your deaf, she catches one of their eyes.


3. Chapter 3

Kennedys POV

As Daisey was whimpering, I looked at mom. She nodded. Daisey was very old, and mom was gonna put her down, but I begged her not to, so she said if it happened again, she was gonna put Daisey down. That was 6 months ago, so I thought it wasn't gonna happen again. I started crying, I went up to my room, and phoned my friend, Evan. Don't think were in a romantic relationship. He's gay, and has a boyfriend, so yah. He came over. 'Im sorry' he signed. "I can hear you!" I said. I told him about being able to hear. He huggd me. He took me out for ice cream. He had to go, he had band practice. I got a message, from..... Ashton? Ashton Irwin actually texted me. 

Ashton: Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out? 

Me: yah, sure, when and where? XD

Ashton: Bridgstreet park, in five minutes?

Me: sounds good to me.

I was home by then. I drove to bridgestreet park, and I saw him, he was in a hoodie and had sunglasses on. "I didn't want to seem desperate to hang out, so I kinda just well yah know." He said. I smiled. I told him everything that happened with Daisey. He listened. "I don't say this to many hearing people, but you are the be listener." I said. "Hearing people?" He asked. I explained my situation. He seemed awestruck. 

"I don't understand, if hearing people don't listen as well as deaf people....." He started. "Most deaf people don't talk, so they can't interrupt." I said. "Oh." I laughed at him. It started raining. He put his coat over my head so i woudnt get wet. We walked to his car. "Just Lea your car here, I'll take younto my place." He said. I nodded. We got in, his house want but a minute away. He brought me up to his room. He looked me in the eyes, and then his gaze went to my lips. He took a peice of my hair, and put it behind my ear. He cupped my face, and kissed me. I kissed back. We kissed for what seemed like forever. He rested his forehead on mine. I smiled. "I love you." He said. "I love you too." I responded. He sat me on his bed. I smiled at him, and then, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, and Luke Hemmings can!me barging in. "Dude! You could knock first!" Ashton said. "Are you and Kennedy a thing?" Luke asked, pointing at us. I looked at Ashton he was gonna answer this. He looked at me the same way. "Oh I can answer this, they just had a make out session, but he hasn't asked her out yet, so they're both looking at eachbother to answer this, so basically the answer is yes." Michael said. "Dude ask her!" Calum said. "I was about to until you guys barged in, why are you barging in anyways." My phone ringed. My mom texted me. 

Mom: hey, can you cocome home? 

Me: yah

"Guys, I have to go!" I said. "Can we all hang out with you tomorrow?" Luke asked. I nodded, and headed home. 

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