My life and 1D

When my family gets killed by a drunk driver and I am the only survivor, I don't know how to move on. With no family left, I'm in the hospital when I see the people who called 911. It's One Direction?!


5. Awkward

        Okay so I know I should be fangirlying(?) screming that Irish hottie NIALL-FREAKIN'-Horan is answering the door in his boxers.

       I am legit thinking about grabbing my stuff and running back downstairs to catch my limo.

      Just as I'm about to reach for my suitcase, he grabs my arm.


    "Niall before you say anything, please put some pants on." I reply, looking everywhere but at him. I hear him curse, and quickly retrieve something from the couch. He pulls on a light blue robe, and I'm finally able to relax.

    "So you thought about the idea and...?" he starts, motioning for me to come in.

     I take hesitant steps inside, imagining the rest of the band in their undies.

    Thankfully, it's just me and Niall.

  "You guys were like family to my dad-and I don't want to go be forgotten kid in the foster care system. Maybe it'll be okay if I stayed with ya'll than with random people." I explained.

    Niall rushes me into a death hug, and I wonder how my life will be now...

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