Candy island

Join lily as she take a trip through
The one and only, delicious, sweetie
Island of candy land. Could this really
Be possible. Watch her make new friends, solve problems and find an easy way home...


3. the abandoned slide

Why!! I hate this place even more! Who knew 5 year olds can be very nasty children.

I took a look around the stupid park when a few 6 year olds (about 4 of them) ran past me and the tallest one (up to my thighs) barged into me. "Hey! Watch it!" I shouted at them. I felt a little happy I was the eldest and that they should be scared of me. I was wrong. He took at my big, round belly and said "not sorry FAT HIPPO" I couldn't believe it. The rest of the boys sniggered and then they all ran away. I just stood there. Shocked. I was soon red in the face. People around was staring at me. Then my belly. Hastily I stormed off. How could they!? Rude children. I could strangle that child. No! I am not gonna get bullied by a bunch of 6 year olds!!!!

I had to fine a place to relax and sort my head out. Somewhere without any children. That would be almost impossible. Especially here. A child's dream. Then I saw it. A rusty abandoned slide. It was in the corner of the big park. It could even be out of the park. No one was around. Not a child to be seen. I climbed up the rusty ladder and sat at the top. I look inside the slide. It was dark. Did it go underground? Maybe? I sat there. It was silent. You can just hear the faint sound of people from the park.

I sat there. When suddenly I slipped and started tumbling down the slide. Oh no! "HELP" it just echoed up the slide. There was no response. No light. No people. Pitch black. Alone. A never ending slide. I was petrified. I wish this never happened. Wait! I just saw light. A small pink light! It's coming closer! No! I am going to it. Yes. Could this be?! Am I safe!

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