A Smile You Can't Stop Loving

A girl name Megan is trying to get somewhere in life and become well known for her art work when she suddenly meets Black Veil Brides. She couldn't help but fall in love with the drummer name Christian 'CC' Coma.


2. Music video

Andy's pov

"Sure...yeah, that's great!" Walking around in circles. "See you soon!" I ran around and bumped into CC. "Guess what!" I shouted for everyone to hear. "What?" CC ask while jinxx, ash and jake walked into the room. "We finally get to start the music video this coming weekend!! Guess with who?" With a devilish grin. "Come on! Tell us!!" Ashley chant. "With CC future girlfriend!!" Dancing in circle around CC. He started to blush. "Don't get suddenly shy! I noticed that smile of yours when your interest in a girl." I laughed. "Come on, let's get ready." I continued. Only if he knew, that I'm also interested in her too. 

Megan's pov

"We're having the music video this weekend, at the Carnival." I explained. "Alrighty. Bye." I hung up the phone. I'm excited, Andy had ask me to help with the video and we been talking for a bit about how it will go. Me and Angie watch the carnival be set up and tested for this coming week. "Are you excited?" Angie asked. "About what?" Getting up to get water. "That we get to record a music video with Black Veil Brides!" She said all excitedly. "So you can see Ashley?" I couldn't laugh so much. "Hey! He beyond gorgeous!" She laughed. "Don't start, I saw how you reacted to CC!" While throwing ice at me. "Heyy!" I laughed. I threw ice in return and we couldn't help to have a water fight. We were finally done and out of breathe. We sat back and finally noticed the carnival was ready. We began to walk around and check to see what we can do for the music video. "Nick should be setting up and getting everything ready for the first day of the music video." I said while stuffing my mouth full of chicken tacos. "Foooood!" Is all you could hear in the distance. Me and Angie turn our heads so quick, that Andy, Ashley, CC, jinxx and jake couldn't help but laugh. "That looks good!" CC shoutout! "You wanna try?" I laughed. He came over and when he brush his hand against mine, I just felt all giggly inside and blush. He couldn't look at me with a smile on his face. "You look beautiful when you blush." He said quickly while everyone have a question look. I just couldn't help but smile more. "You can have the rest, if you like." I said. Angie just gave me a quick glared and it was gone with a fate grin. I hope no one noticed. "Umm..are you sure?" CC ask. "Yes, I'm sure Hun." I smiled. He blushed, then took the rest and finished it. "Where should we start?" Andy ask while putting his hand on my shoulder. "Come on over this way, by the bumper cars." Nick suddenly jump in. We all started walking over. Nick and Andy began to talk about what to be expected for the music video. "Hey! Why don't Megan and Angie join along!" Nick mention. "Our girls that were supposed to join today couldn't make it." He continued. "That would be great!" Both Andy and ash said at the same time. "Umm..sure why not." Angie said and gave me a nudge towards CC. I got in the bumper car along with CC, while Angie was with Ashley. It seems to took a liking to Ashley real quick. But all I could notice was Andy look kinda down..

*2 hours later*

Andy's pov

"Man, I really like her. But it seems she took a liking to CC." Bumming out on the Ferris wheel with Jake. "Andy, don't sweat it. We all are just getting to know her and the crew." Jake said hopeful. "You saw that right, the way she shared her food with him! Then how Angie pointed her way to him!!" I explained. "Aren't you looking over this to much?" Jake laughed. "You know how CC is when he see food and you don't really know what Angie truly meant." He seems to always have answers to everything. "But..." I began. "No, buts Andy." He said. "You don't truly know CC intentions, nor hers." He continued. "Just get to know her as a friend. Whatever happens my happens." He said while it was our turn to get off. I looked over and see Angie seem to be concern about something. I walked over her way and she looked up. "Hey Angie, is everything ok?" I asked. "Yes, I'm just making sure everyone has eaten. It's a very hot day." She has said while looking for someone. I began to wondered, where is Megan. 

CC's pov

"That's amazing! How long have you played the guitar?" I ask her. "Probably about a year." Megan said happily. "But I'm not that great tho." She continued. "Don't kid yourself, I saw the video on Ellen show that you mention the other day!!" I said amaze. She laughed and blush. "A fine lady with many talents, I see." I randomly said and blush so quickly that I said that. She smiled so big and said "thank you." "Hey hey hey" is all you could hear from the guys who run the Ferris wheel. Megan couldn't help but laugh. "Pay no mind to them. They do this every year." She said laughing because that's all you could hear below was them. "Why is that?" All curiously. "I been coming here since middle school and they been the ones who run it every year. They're a bit of a jokers as you can tell." She said laughing. When we finally got off the guys kept saying 'you better not hurt her!' I couldn't help laugh myself, only because I didn't know if they're kidding or serious. Angie came jog on over. "Hey you guys, finally I find you!" She said out of breathe. "Are you ok?" Megan ask. "Was..wondering..if you guys were hungry?" Angie trying to catch her breathe. "Sure, I'm starving. How about you Megan?" I ask hoping she said yes. "Yes, sure. Who else is coming?" She asked Angie. "The whole group actually." She said grinning. We finally got to Miller Ale House that was close by. "It's so nice here, with all the lights." I said. "It seems peaceful out here." Ashley added. Megan, Angie and Nick all laughed. "Only if you knew.." Nick said laughing. 

Megan's pov

We finally got inside, but we have to wait for a bit. "Today was great today! It was a great idea for a music video at a carnival Nick." I said aloud. "I enjoy the most was the soccer randomly playing and Ashley got hit in the face!" Angie teased him. Everyone was laughing at this point. I felt so light headed, no one was noticing but Ashley. He came next to me. "Are you alright?" He whispered. I nodded my head no. "I need to eat, I haven't ate since this morning." I felt a bit dizzy now. He went over to the host and was talking to her. We managed to get a table as soon as he talked to her. But I excuse myself to the bathroom. I wash my face when I hear a knock on the door. I went out and couldn't help but see black...

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