A Smile You Can't Stop Loving

A girl name Megan is trying to get somewhere in life and become well known for her art work when she suddenly meets Black Veil Brides. She couldn't help but fall in love with the drummer name Christian 'CC' Coma.


3. Made a New Friend

Ashley's pov

I couldn't help notice Megan looking off, but trying to continue to be fine. We finally got to the restaurant, some place called Millers Ale house. "Today was great! It was a great idea for a music video at a carnival Nick." Megan said aloud. "I enjoy the most was the soccer randomly playing and Ashley got hit in the face!" Angie teased me. I couldn't help but pout at her for that. Everyone was laughing at this point. I noticed Megan was being off again. I went to her to see what's up. "Are you alright?" I whispered. She nodded her head no. "I need to eat, I haven't ate since this morning." She said. She doesn't look good. I went over to the host and was talking to her. We managed to get a table as soon as I talked to the host. But suddenly she excuse herself to the bathroom. I went after her to see if she was okay. I wait a bit, then knock on the door. All I could hear was a slam to something. "Megan?? Are you alright??" I ask worrying. I push the door open and I found her on the floor knocked out! "MEGAN! OMG!" Shitting myself! Not literally... "Megan! Hun...wake up?!" I cried. "ANGIE!! Help!" I called out. "OMG! MEGAN!" I heard Angie running over. Megan began to flutter her eyes why open. "OMG! Megan, are you okay?" Angie asked. Everyone was standing outside the bathroom waiting patiently. "Umm...what happen?" She asked. "Oh honey, I think you hit your head pretty hard." I mention to her. "Can..can I get something to eat. But..take it home." She felt embarrassed. "Sure, I'll order to go and I'll take you home." I said. Angie looked worried. "I'll come too." Angie said. "ME TOO!" Everyone shouted. "No..no it's okay, everyone stay. Enjoy yourself." Megan begin. "I'll walk home, don't worry." She continued. "No silly, I'll take you home." I continue.

Megan's pov

Ashley went off to take my order while I sit in the car with the windows down. The breeze felt so nice tonight. "Wake up sunshine!" Ashley shout. "OMG! You gave me a fright!" I got spook. Ashley started laughing and we went on our way. "Which way to your house?" Ashley ask nicely. "You go back the same way we came but make a left at this light." I told him. After that we went silent. I turn the radio and began to listen to it randomly. Suddenly Like I'm Gonna Lose You by Meghan Trainor came on and I started to single her verse. Ashley began to sing along with me and gladly finish. Didn't noticed that the radio was turn down a bit and Ashley was looking at me. "What!" I ask curiously. "You have a amazing voice!" Ash said happily. "Thank you." I started to laugh. "How long have you sing?" He ask. When I come to think about it, not for long. "Umm...not for long, I guess." I said not please. "Awww, don't let yourself down like that." He encouraged me. "Really, how long?" He continued. "I sang my whole life, but never really in front of people." I said sadly. I just went into though. "Why? You have a great voice!" He said while looking over quickly and back to the road. "I was kinda made fun of back in school..was told I was bad at it." I looked off into the distance. We finally made it to my house. I was about to get out until Ashley hurry over and got the door for me. "Oh..you didn't have to do that." I said giggling. "Anything for thy lady." He said bowing down. I couldn't help but to laugh. *1 hour later* We finally got comfortable and finish eating dinner. Ashley was looking around and notice my bookshelf. "You look beautiful in this picture." He looked over at me. I came over and grin sadly. "Thank you, but that's my mother." I mentioned. "Oh! You look just like her." He said surprisedly. "And who this?" He continued trying to make a conversation with me. I started pointing out who's who and we just got into talking about family and life. He began to understand why I fainted earlier. That I always need to eat at certain times, if not I wouldn't function okay. I was laying my head on the arm rest of the couch, while ash head rest on my knees. "Where are your parents now?" He finally ask. "They both pasted away..separate times tho." I said so fast and began to look away. Ashley's pov I got so interested in Megan's life, that I got caught up in the moment. "Where are your parents now?" I ask. "They both passed away..separate times tho." She said so fast and began to look away. She just look so distance. I seen that before. "Oh Hun, come here." I open my arms for her to come over. "I know how you feel." I said gently. "Really?" She whispered. "My parents passed away too." I mention. She looked up and hugged me tighter. "So you leave her by yourself?" I asked. She nod her head yes. Poor thing. I know how she feels.

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