You feel pain and you are weary. You see a face but not one you want to see. Your front teeth is missing and hair falling out. You hurt when touched and when you have to ask for help. It makes you sad that you can not go out. Or have friends. Have no one to love.


1. Mirror

As I look into the mirror

I see a face looking at me

Not one I want to be

I don't want to see


I don't want anyone to see

What is in the mirror

A face so weary

Just full of pain


My front teeth is missing

My hair is falling out

My skin is so rough

It hurts when touched


Sometimes I can do everything

Other times I can barely do anything

I have to ask others to help

Which tears me apart


I look in the mirror

It makes me sad

To know how I used to be

Now look at me


I don't go out

Don't want anyone to see me

Turn everyone away

Have no friends


Tell me who would want

To be with me now

Love would turn away

They would not want to see


Since I got sick

What has come to me

It is so lonely

Yet this is the way it has to be



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