Birthstones What type of gem are you?

What is your birthstone? Find out in this book and it's meanings.
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7. Flowers

Garnet can be a Carnation or Snowdrop.

Amethyst can be a Violet or Primrose.

Aquamarine can be a Jonquil or Daffodil.

Diamond can be a Sweet Pea or Daisy.

Emerald can be a Lily of the Valley or Hawthorne.

Pearl can be a Rose or Honeysuckle.

Ruby can be a Larkspur or Water Lily.

Peridot can be a Poppy or Gladiolus.

Sapphire can be an Aster or Morning Glory.

Opal can be a Calendula or Cosmos.

Topaz can be a Chrysanthemum.

Turquoise can be a Narcissus or Holly.

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