Hi, I'm Beth. I am just a simple girl who went to college, just like an ordinary person would do, but it turns out, I was wrong, I was chosen for something else.


3. The Odd House

“what do you mean?” I asked.

“You’ll see” she said. I was so confused at what she said, I was going to ask her again but Meg spoke

“Where did you say we’re going again” Meg said

“To Agnello” Fanahy said as she continued to walk again.

“He’s our friend” Koks said proudly

“Why?” I asked

“He wanted to see you” Koks said.

“Why?” I asked again

“I don’t know” Koks said.  “He only said that he wanted to see you that’s all”

“And we’re going? Why?  Why are you obeying him, who is he any--?”

“Shh” Fanahy hushed me. both Fanahy and Koks suddenly stopped walking.

We were quite. Fanahy and Koks looked at different directions, carefully listening to the surrounding. I tried to look as well to whatever it is they are looking for, I tried listening but I don’t hear anything at all. I didn’t notice till now that it was getting dark but the sky wasn’t like what it was suppose to be, it was purple.

“malgranda!” Fanahy confirmed. Koks suddenly acted like he was in a hurry,  he looked around once again but in a fast mode.

“There!” he said, pointing a tree with a hole in the bottom.

Fanahy ran to the tree, Meg and I followed her. We took cover inside the small hole under the tree, Koks stood still, pretended to be an ordinary tree. I don’t quite understand what is going on and why are we hiding but I just got a little scared by Koks and Fanahy’s reaction.

A few seconds later, we heard a buzzing sound that grew louder and louder. Then a group of fairies filled the place, thousands of them. These fairies that are not like what you usually read in book,  where they have cute little wings and colorful little dresses. The malgranda fairies are very scary. They got big black eyes and a big grinning smile on their faces and the dresses they were wearing got thorns on it. They’re just the size of my hand.

They came in with laugher, playing around, all of them are laughing to each other as they tear a few leaves from every tree they passed by, even Koks didn’t exceed but he managed to stand still. It was frightening to watch.

When the fairies were gone, we came out of hiding.

“malgranda fairies” Fanahy said,  shaking her head “they can destroy anything if they wanted to” she continued “Are you alright Koks?”

“Yeah” Koks said shaking of the leaves that the fairies pulled out.  “It’s just a few leaves, glad it was nothing more than that ” he continued with a big smile on his face.

“we need a place to stay” Fanahy said. “the malgranda fairies will be everywhere”

“I know a place!” Koks said raising his hand. “ to Zaba!  He’s place is just around the lake”

“who is he, Koks?” Fanahy said politely

“he’s my acquaintance, one day he lost his way and I told him his way back. So he said that if ever I needed some help, I can always go to him in his house near the lake.” He said

“then we should go to him” Fanahy said.

All of us started to walk again, my feet are beginning to hurt. I just wanna go to that house and find some rest.

A few minutes later we reached the lake. I immediately found the house. It was quite odd actually. The house is not on the ground, it has woods as feet and it is about 8 feet above. It has a ladder, circular windows and a door that is looking like it’s gonna break because of the cracks all over it. The house is made out of woods that are full of moss.

We stood in front of the houses when someone greeted us.

“Hello” A very weird looking creature appeared. It has green, slimy looking skin. Its eyes are bulging out. And its hands and feet are webbed like a frog. Actually he’s like a combination of a human and a frog. “Koks? Is that you?” he said.

“Yes” Koks said

“It’s so nice to meet you again” he said “and who are these?” he asked, looking at us

“These are my friends, Meg,  Beth and Fanahy. Everyone, this is Zaba” Koks said but nobody said a word, I was still amazed at how oddly Zaba looks.

“Perfect!” He said happily. “the day after tomorrow is my birthday!”

“Oh I don’t think we’re staying that long.” I said “We need to see Agnello, we need to--“

“but it’s my birthday” Zaba said with a sad face


“I think” Koks said “we can stay a little while, but just for your birthday, we’ll go after that, okay?”

“Yes yes!” Zaba said jumping around. “Come, you can’t stay here, it’s already dark”

We came up the ladder that is the way to his house. His house is  weirder up close. It has scratches all over the sides of the door, as if somebody is really scratching it.

The inside was the most weird above all else. It doesn’t have anything. No chairs or table or whatever. Nothing. But there’s like a pile of leaves in the corner.

“Welcome to my humble home” Zaba said as we came in.

“wow” was all I could say.

“Oh please, forgive me everything is a mess” he said,  which made me confused. What is he talking about, his house is empty. “I haven’t even cleaned my bed” he continued, fixing the pile of leaves. I just realized that, that is his bed. Very odd indeed.

All of us stood there, well except for Koks whose head is almost down to his waist , he didn’t quite fit. I can feel the awkwardness from everyone. We don’t know what do, we don’t know what to say. I wanted to pretend and praise something, but what? This place only has leaves in it.

“nice house” I said, it’s the only thing that came to my mind.

“Thank you so much! I made it myself!” he said proudly “what are you doing here anyway?” he asked

“well, we just needed some place to stay, we don’t wanna have malgranda fairies in our way” Fanahy said

“and to have some rest of course” Koks added, smiling.

“good thing those things don’t bother me, they don’t like me.” He said laughing “oh do you want something to eat? I can catch fishes for you, that’s what I’ve been doing before you came” Zaba said

“You were catching some fish?  Where are they now?” Meg asked

“Well…“ Zaba said” I was catching… something else”

“what?” I said

“A different kind of fish”

“So where are they?”

“I already ate them” he said

I was confused for a moment, I thought frogs don’t eat fish, but then I thought that maybe because he’s kinda like a half human that he can eat fish as well.

We spent the rest of the night sleeping on the floor, well actually on some leaves, that Zaba prepared for us. The night was nice, but I didn’t sleep peacefully, I kept hearing the water from the lake, there are times when it sounded like splashing but sometimes it sounded like something was swimming on it, like something was underwater, but I just thought that maybe there’s just a lot of fish or maybe there are animals who drinks from the lake, so I closed my eyes again and went to sleep.

“Beth” Meg woke me up the next morning. I was kinda hoping that everything was just a dream but as I got up, I was still in Zaba’s empty wood house.

Meg and I went outside and saw Koks and Fanahy preparing some fire.

“Good morning, we were just preparing the fire” Fanahy greeted us.

“where’s Zaba?” Meg asked.

“He’s catching fish for us” Fanahy said

We waited for Zaba to come while we prepared the fire. Zaba came with a lot of fish in both hands. We carefully put the fishes in sticks of branches and put it on top of the fire. A few minutes passed every fish was already cooked. We all ate in front of the fire except for Zaba.

“aren’t you going to eat?” I asked him

“oh it’s okay. I already eat” he said.

I don’t know why but there’s definitely something weird about him, I just can’t point it out, but he’s acting strange.

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