Hi, I'm Beth. I am just a simple girl who went to college, just like an ordinary person would do, but it turns out, I was wrong, I was chosen for something else.


1. The Classic One

Blood. I can see nothing but blood. I can feel my heart pounding hard as I hear my own breath. Everything is blurry, everything is red. My head hurts as if it was being hit into a hard thing numerously. It took me a moment to finally process what is happening. I’m on my mother’s car. There’s blood all over me, shattered glass everywhere. I think I see a tree in front of the car. I must’ve hit it.


My head is still burning when somebody spoke. “Bethany” I looked to see who it was and then my heart suddenly stopped. There he is, my own brother, my twin brother, looking at me, asking for help. I just stared at him, I can’t move. It was such a horror, seeing your brother drowning in his own blood. “Bethany” he called again. I wanted to help him, I wanted to touch him, he is only an inch away from me, but I don’t understand, why can’t I move. “Bethany” he called once again, looking straight into my eyes as he tried to lift his hand. I tried calling his name but nothing was coming out of my mouth. “Bryan” I finally whispered. He was looking deep into my eyes as I stare at him in pity.  He was opening his mouth as if he was trying to talk. I leaned in closer, to hear what he is about to say. “You did this” he said. I was shocked on what I just heard, I pulled my body back and looked at him, confused “what?” I whispered, still unable to talk out loud. “You killed me Bethany”


“Bethany!” a woman’s voice woke me up. It was just a dream. Just a dream. “Beth, honey,  you have to wake up. It’s your first day of school remember?” my mother said with her black hair in a bun and still has her apron on. I almost forgot about that. Today is my first day of school, but it’s not just an ordinary first day, it’s my first day in college. My mother and I are going to drive in a five hour trip to go to Abia University.


My parents and I had a lovely breakfast. My mother cooked my favorite pancakes, with her own secret recipe. I won’t be seeing my parents for a whole year, not until summer vacation. I said my goodbye to my father. He was not able to come with us because he has a meeting, he really wanted to come though.

“It’s Okay dad, I totally understand” I said smiling at him, looking at his gray eyes as his sad face immediately faded away.

“Thanks honey, I love you.” He said hugging me.

“I love you too dad” I said, then headed to the front door.


“Everything’s settled?” my mother asked before she started the engine. I just nod. The trip was nice. It wasn’t that long, or at least not as I think it was. A moment later,  I saw a big building with a sign that says ‘Abia University'. It was huge.

“Room 407” the lady in the lobby said, handing me my keys, my schedule and a map of the campus. My mother and I went to the room I was assigned.

Room 407 on the fourth floor. The room wasn’t that big, just enough for two people. It has two beds inside and closets to put our things in. It has its own bathroom and there’s also study table for each person. It was lovely, It has a beige wall that I love and a window that lightens up the room.

My mother left after we settled everything. I sat at my bed, I can still feel the nervousness of being a freshman. I kept thinking of what could have happened while I was here. I was thinking of the friends I’m going to have and the classes I’m going to take, then I heard a knock.

“Bethany Walker?” a girl with a pixie blonde hair with brown eyes came in. “Hi. I’m Megan Edwards” she said smiling as she offered her hand for me to shake.

“Hello. Nice to meet you, Megan” I said shaking her hand.

“Oh, you can call me Meg. How are you?” she asked

“I’m great, thanks.” I said as we both smiled at each other. I helped Meg unpacked after that. We had fun talking to each other. Meg is such a nice girl.


Days passed by, Meg and I became really great friends. Every night we would have dinner together in this small diner along the street, we would end up talking about our classes and what happened to us each day. We would go to our room after that and go straight to bed. But there’s something I noticed about Meg, she likes to read, but not the educational books people normally read when in college. She reads fiction novels but the classic ones. She’s obsessed with it,  she reads different novels each week and in each week she would buy a new one.  

“Oh hey Beth” Meg called as we prepare before bedtime. “Do you read fantasy books?”

“Um. No” I said,  brushing my black hair.

“But why?” she asked with total confusion in her voice.

“Um.  Well, I don’t really believe in fairy tales, I mean, not that I hate them, it’s just that, I think they’re only for kids” I said

“Oh” she said in defeat. “Here!” she said as if she remembered something then handed me a book. “It’s one of my favorites” she said with a big smile on her face.

“Oh no, thanks”

“No, I insist”

“No Meg, it’s okay”

“Come on Beth, just take it. You don’t have to read it right away, just when you’re bored or you need something to distract you from stress” she chuckled.

“okay” I said as I take the book from her hand. “Alice in wonderland? I said asked to make sure she’s not kidding.

“Yeah” she said, still smiling and with excitement in her voice.

“Um…” I was just about to give her back the book but she spoke.

“Just read whenever you have time.” She said.


I took the book,  but honestly I don’t think I will be reading this book. I still think this is for kids, besides I already know the story, I even have watched its movie, so I really think it’s just a waste of time.

Everyday Meg would ask me if I started the book yet, and I would just say that I haven’t because I was busy and doesn’t have a time. Until one day, there’s a magic show on the campus, like I said I don’t really believe in magic and supernatural or whatever that is impossible, but then one of my professor required us to watch that show, so I went. The show was good. To be honest, I didn’t think it would be as awesome as that. The magic tricks were so amazing, that I know it’s impossible but I somehow can’t find any flaws or anything that can lead me to something that will prove that it’s not real.

I was still thinking about that magic show the rest of that day. I can’t believe it. I was actually amazed, for the first time in my life, I was entertained in magic.

I woke up the next morning and prepared the things I needed. Meg was already gone living her bed neatly cleaned. I was looking for my book when I remembered that my professor said that we won’t have a class today, so I stopped looking but then I realized that I’m going to have a two hour break. I was thinking of anything that I can do in that long break time, then I saw it, laying on my study table, the book Meg had given to me. I know that magic in that book was different from the magic I witnessed yesterday but as I was staring at it, there’s something that makes me want to read it, a feeling that I can’t explain. I took the book and put it in my bag.

The two hour break started. I went to this place in the campus where students can just sit on the grass and relax. I sat under a tree, opened my bag ,and took the book.

“Alice’s adventure in wonderland” I whispered, reading the cover.

I started reading the book and got totally hooked. I liked it. I was reading it continuously that I didn’t noticed that the two hour break was over. “Damn” I said as the bell rang.


I was at the diner where Meg and I eat every night, I was waiting for her when my phone rang.

“Hello Beth?” Meg said over the phone

“Oh hey. Where are you?”

“Beth, I’m just going to be a bit late, I just needed to finish something. It won’t be long I promise”

“Oh, okay”

“I’m really sorry Beth”

“Oh no,  it’s okay. I’ll just wait for you here, okay? “

“Okay. Thanks Beth”


As I was waiting for Meg, I decided to continue reading the book. I was reading the book for about thirty minutes, when suddenly I saw Meg walking towards the diner, so I kept the book back inside my bag and waited for her. I was looking at her when I noticed something strange. Meg was walking fast and with blank expression on her face.  I let it go, I thought that maybe she just had a bad day. But then as she went closer to the door, she was still walking too fast as if she’s not coming in. And then there she goes, she really did went straight ahead, still walking too fast, so I got my bag and went after her.

“Meg!” I yelled, calling her attention. She was still walking too fast. We were in this street where lights are only coming from the streets lamps and the full moon. “Meg,  wait up. Where are you going?” I said, walking as fast as I can to reach her, but nothing was changing in the way she walks, as if she doesn’t even hear me at all. “Meg!” I called one more time. She was now far from me, so I decided to run instead, but somebody grabbed my hand.

“Beth!” I looked around to see who it was, and it was Meg. Goosebumps filled my body. “Meg?”

“Where are you going?” she said, catching her breath

“I was following you”

“What? I was right behind you. I said I was gonna be late remember?”

“Yeah I know… but then… who’s that?” I said looking to an empty street.

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