Rising Waters

The water has risen, and there is much more at stake. You lose your job - you lose your house and become a lowlander, living in the less habitable places nearer the water, with friends forbidden to talk to you. Can two sisters bypass these rules and rebel against the government's regime? Read
to find out!


5. "We have a problem."

My phone wakes me up, vibrating under my palm as I lie on my front on my bed. Before answering, I check the time -4:46- I wonder who is calling me at this time in the morning, I think, and press the green button.
“Hello?” I say, trying my best to sound slightly more grown up.
“Hi,” there is a rough, male voice on the other end of the line.
“Who’s speaking please?” I say, coping my mother’s standard phrase.
I hear him whisper something to someone on his end and there is a short burst of quiet sniggering,
“Umm, it’s Jerry,” The voice, now known as Jerry, says.
He sounds about my age, or a little older, but he doesn’t have the well-spoken accent that I know that the people who go to my school, including myself, have.
“Get your friends and get down here, we need your help,” says Jerry.
“Down where?” I ask, I have a theory, but I want it confirmed.
“Lowlands,” comes the one word reply.
Just as I suspected,  and that would explain the accent.


After waking Avanna, who slept through the whole conversation, I phone Infinity.
“Hello?” Infinity’s sleepy voice answers.
“Fin, can you get to The Bench in five minutes?”
“No Problem,” She says and the line goes dead
‘The Bench’ that I refer to is the bench on the corner of my road where we say goodbye to Infinity as she lives two streets up.



 We get out of the house without any trouble, and arrive at the bench in five minutes to see Infinity rubbing her eyes, having just turned the corner, we wave to her, and she speeds her walk into a jog. 



“Right; the plan, we go down there and talk with this Jerry, anything suspicious, we come back,”
“Okay,” Avanna yawns.
Infinity nods her agreement.
“So, who d’ya recon this Jerry guy is then? And where’d he get your number?” Avanna asks. 
“Well as it’s only you guys, a couple of people at school and Odin who have my number, so I’m presuming he got it off Odin,” I reply 
“Do you recon he’s still angry at us?” Infinity wonders aloud.
“I dunno, maybe the lowland teenagers got to him and told him all that crap, what do you think?” Avanna says.
“Sounds plausible,” I say, “What do you think, Fin?”
“I think that sounds about right,  he’d never be able to convince himself that any of us, especially Avanna, have a bad bone in our bodies,” Avanna looks up on the mention of her name, “But, in his situation, other people may be able to take advantage of his instability,” Infinity says. I nod. She’s right, I’m not even sure how they managed to convince him of such things to warrant sending us away.

We get to the bottom of the path and find a small group of Teenagers. They aren’t chatting like most teenagers would be. The one at the front steps forward and introduces himself , with a formal handshake, as Jerry.
“Right,” he says, “we have a problem.”

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