Rising Waters

The water has risen, and there is much more at stake. You lose your job - you lose your house and become a lowlander, living in the less habitable places nearer the water, with friends forbidden to talk to you. Can two sisters bypass these rules and rebel against the government's regime? Read
to find out!


3. Partners in crime?

“Sephy, Fin!” I shout across the crowded school yard to the mass of brown curly hair that must be Infinity, “Over here.”

We had decided to tell her and Persephone, our other friends, about visiting Odin, hopefully they’ll be prepared to join forces.
“Hi guys, what’s up?” Persephone says, I hope she can’t sense that I am slightly on-edge.
“We’re good, thanks,” I reply, trying to keep my tone of voice even. There are cameras pointing at this side of the yard, I can see them out of my peripheral vision and they will seek out anything suspicious.
“You’ll never guess what-” Avanna starts to say. Not the verbal vomit again! I can’t have her telling them in front of the camera! I elbow her in the ribs.
“Mum got us both new watches!” I exclaim, this is true, but not what Avanna was going to say, although she gets the gist and nods along. Infinity looks confused that Avanna made such a big deal out of a watch but I look at her raising my eyebrows and say “I need the loo, come on,” Infinity nods and follows, obviously sensing something is up.
Instead of taking her inside the school, to the Ladies, I lead her round the side of the building, by the boundary. 
“I  heard about Odin,” she remarks, “such a pity, isn’t it?”
“Yes,” I  respond, “but we can’t let the rules stop us from seeing our friend, I don’t know why people don’t question it; it’s not right, just outing them from society like that, and forcing us to stop associating with them.”
“I agree, but what can we do about it?” Infinity ponders, “Just go and visit him?”
“Well, actually, we already have...” I reveal.
“Great! Are you up to having another partner in crime?” she asks, grinning.
“Definitely, now let’s head back.” I suggest.

We wander up to Avanna and Persephone, who some other girls have joined by now, Avanna shoots me a warning look, I furrow my eyebrows, not being able to deduce what she means. I turn my attention to Persephone, who is having an in-depth conversation with one of the girls, called Araminta.
“I mean, I totally agree with the government on that, the lowlanders are dirty and disgusting, they live in mud, and not even proper houses!”
“Didn’t you have a friend who got moved to the lowlands?” Araminta asks.
“Yupp, but he’s probably as bad as the rest, and he’s dead to me now, anyway,” 
Well, now I know what Avanna meant.

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