Vultures Del Ru

Alice in wonderland Sike almost. Its about a girl who's unhappy where she lives at. In till one day she meets the world of monsters in Vultures Del Ru a place where monsters of all kind roam around in the lands of Vuchosh , Hansen, Lace, Canfield and Web. lost at who she is and why shes so different.


2. Web

(Jumps crashing one another)

"Oh, my fangs, Elenor your back and really big and beautiful. I guess now I can't call you kid anymore. And what took you so long to come and visit,"said Mary.

Mary! screamed Elenor hugging her so tight and looking around thinking I missed this place all purple and pink beauty that was locked in my heart. The secret she never told anyone in her hometown.

"I missed you so much and Rep, I couldn't I did not know how to. And then I gave up and this necklace brought me here. Wow, Mary, you did not age one bit. And how is Rep?"asked Elenor looking around to see Rep pop up with his teleport power.

"Darling, I told you with this necklace visit us. And thank you, of course, I am a pureblood vampire. Oh, that kid he realized his only friend would not come and visit him anymore. So he felt abandoned. He became the leader president of the monster academy school and he just changed he is more serious now,"said Mary worried about him.

"Oh! I thought he abandoned me,"said Elenor realizing it was all her fault for not understanding what Mary said that day.

"Well Elenor if you want to see Rep again your gonna have to enroll into the academy and I also need you to do me a favor. I need you to find these objects okay a Vamp Frog Togue, a Zombie's half wing, and Rep's blood,"said Elenor happy she can finally finish her invention. 

"But...,"said Elenor then being cut off by Mary.

"No why's just do this and you can stay here forever isn't this what you want right,"said Mary being pushy with her words.

"Yes, okay, I will but how do I find a frog's tongue and a half Zombie's wing and why Rep's blood I am so confused,"said Elenor with a headache.

"Okay I will explain everything after you give me Fannie Hammer's diamond okay,"said Mary.

(They step outside walking and talking)

"Whose Fannie Hammer?"asked Elenor.

"She owns all the pink water spots you see in front of you here in Web. But she has my precious diamond which she won't give back and I am scared of water,"said Mary anxious Elenor might not accept the challenge.

"Okay I will get your diamond,"said Elenor without blinking an eye.

"But then you will take me to see Rep right,"said Elenor deal maker.

"Yes okay deal girly,"said Mary shaking hands with Elenor.

"Okay here is her monster stats okay she's five hundred years old  and she's a mermaid half angel. She has the power of flight and water balls be careful she's dangerous and stubborn she doesn't listen to me at all,"said Mary.

"What! she's dangerous!"said Elenor very shocked.

"Only if you let her and this is not gonna be easy. okay, she's on the other side of the black forest okay. here's a map it will take you to her,"said Mary pushing Elenor a little.

"What if I don't come back alive?"asked Elenor scared.

"Then your fish bait, Nah hah hah just joking you will be fine I have creeps goods on you okay."said Mary smiling.

"Hey this is no time to joke around, okay I will,"said Elenor mumbling into the black forest I am brave.

"Goodbye, Mary! shouted Elenor waving her hand back and forth.

And now to meet the water world in Vultures Del Ru.

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