Vultures Del Ru

Alice in wonderland Sike almost. Its about a girl who's unhappy where she lives at. In till one day she meets the world of monsters in Vultures Del Ru a place where monsters of all kind roam around in the lands of Vuchosh , Hansen, Lace, Canfield and Web. lost at who she is and why shes so different.


1. Vuchosh




Leave the past behind let's walk away.




And the drips of cracks,

And the cracks beginning to show.


 "Elenor! come here why did you not clean the cows manure? said the lady very angrily.

"Aunt sorry I went to give my greetings to uncle at his tomb, I do miss him a lot said Elenor tearing up a little.

"Elenor your eighteen now you're a women now theres no need to look for useless things okay said Auntie trying to guide her.

"But uncle is not something useless, he cared for me said Elenor.

"That useless man of a excuse you better not care for him, because he thought of you as a monster everyone thinks the same of you and even me said Auntie. Auntie moves closer to Elenor grabs her face with a tight grip.

"Your just a monster and you will always be one with those abnormal red blood eyes said Auntie trying to make a point.

Elenor breaks off from her grip and runs out from the kitchen and out to the main house door. Looking back at a small tiny house. Running away to a farm near to her comfortable secret place a tree she always goes to visit waiting for her missing friend who is just like her, with red blood eyes.

"Hey blood sucker, are you out to murder someone else said a kid pushing her to the ground smirking at Elenor.

"Please I only want a friend said Elenor with tears down her face.

"Awe your already crying no fun said a girl.

"Even If ten years passed you still want us to be your friend stupid monster said another boy in the group.

"But I am not a monster said Elenor on the ground.

"Our parents will never accept a monster like you said a kid from the back of the group.

They start kicking in the dirt. The dirt starts to hit Elenor in the face and on her clothes. She gets up and starts running towards the forest that they fear.

"Stupid! I hope you die said the boys.

"Yeah said the girl giving hi fives to all the boys.

Running away poor Elenor is what she's done for past ten years from the jerk group. Finally finding her tree. When she cries or feels sad the tree is always there and she is always waiting for her friend.



Ten years ago when Elenor was eight years old, she found out about her uncle's death she quietly heard her Auntie talking about it. Elenor as you seen she runs away every time something very hardship happens to her. She left the house and into the dark night. She ran into the jerk group even in the past and present they always terrorize her. To hide from them she ran into the forest.

Everyone says is dangerous  because of a story of vampires and other monsters. They say there used to be monsters in Kalaska village. Is where Elenor lives. While in the forest little beautiful lights shine from a tree. Drawn to it like bees with honey. She sat there with her flowy white dress and long Aqua blue curled hair.

Yes she was born with red yes and Aqua blue hair, but appearances ins't everything but in a world where monsters did roam people are still terrified of them. Sitting there crying. A hand taps her on her shoulder a very pale cold hand. She gets up from the scare and backs up to see whats behind her. A boy slides through the tree like a shiny colorful portal hole in the tree.

The boy has black medium long hair, his skin very pale, one of his arms are bones like skeletons  and  his eyes very orange.

"Hey human don't cry your really pretty said the boy.

Elenor only stared at him noticing his orange eyes.

"Hi I am Rep Skull and you? asked Rep taking out his hand to shake hands.

Elenor still shocked grabs his hands.

"Yes! I am not the only one I knew it I was different, but I am not the only one where are you from? and how did you go through the tree and oh I am Elenor Web asked and said Elenor very excited.

"Wow first your not scared of me? and are you a vampire because you have the same last name like Auntie Mary. Her full name is Mary Jo Lisa Web do you know her? And I came from Vultures Del Ru a place where monsters live. One of the Web sisters the oldest one I guess, she's a pure blood vampire and she had the powers of illusion, But something happen that it expanded her powers and created my world Vultures Del Ru a world where monsters will always be save. And I went through this tree with mary's teleport invention she doesn't know so don't say anything okay said Rep amazed how friendly the human is.

"Very cool said Elenor shaking Rep's hands up and down.

"Well to honest I don't know what I am and there's a lady with my last name and she's  vampire woah! I have to meet her said Elenor very curious and fast.

"Where are your parents? asked Rep a little curious because she smells like a human but her eyes are red.

"Well I don't know who or where my parents are actually said Elenor getting down.

"But I live with my Aunt and Uncle said Elenor realizing she doesn't live her Uncle anymore because he just died.

"Why were you crying earlier? asked Rep.

"Well I heard when I was five my Aunt and Uncle talk about my mother giving birth to me and dying afterwards, I was very shocked but that's not the point recently my Uncle died and he always cared a lot for me and I miss him said Elenor very sad.

"Oh If you want you can live with me and Danica Vuchosh shes the leader of the land Vuchosh as you can see that's her family name, are land has only Zombies,Ghosts and Skeletons monsters even though we are already mixed monsters, but I am curious because we also have a land in Vultures Del Ru called Web that's where Mary lives and that land is for all the Ravens,Angels and Mermaids live at said Rep.

"And I know Mary is a vampire so shes the leader for the Web land and shes also the land leader for the Hansen land that's where all vampires,Succubus and Wendigos live at said Rep.

"Yes I would love to said Elenor.

"Okay just hold my hand through the tree okay said Rep.

"Okay said Elenor she closed her eyes.

And opened her eyes to what seem to be a house or a lab she sees lots of biology things around.

"Rep! screamed a loud voice that seem to come from the living room.

"Rep wait whos this? and please tell me you did not use Mr. Teleport said Mary shocked.

"Mary this is Elenor Web and yes I did sorry, I just wanted to meet a human and shes a human but she has vampire eyes said Rep.

"Wait kid this kid has my family name said Mary a little surprised.

"Yes Mam said Elenor.

"Well your half vampire and half human said Mary.

"How do you know? and how is that possible? asked Rep.

"Well you smell human but you also smell like a vampire said Mary.

"And I don't know how could that be if we could only breed with other monsters not humans said Mary thinking she has to look into that.

"Well if your a Web then my older sister might have something to do with this said Mary.

"Hey isn't it cool how I found her, It's like fate said Rep.

"More like I found you said Elenor.

"Did Mr. Skeleton bother you? asked Mary.

"No actually he comforted me said Elenor.

"Oh good boy said Mary grabbing Reps neck and hugging Elenor and Rep lucky kids. Mary thought she was gonna have to keep a eye on her.

"Okay kids go to slept and remember don't let unicorns lick you okay goodnight said Mary.

"Rep! before you go upstairs I need to talk to you, and Elenor the room is down to the left okay said Mary.

"Okay Auntie Mary said Elenor.

Elenor running up the stairs.

"Rep I am so dissapointed on how you used my invention without my permission and not only that but you also brought a human with you said Mary anxious.

"Hey she's half and she's very nice she belongs here trust me where she lives she seems sad there said Rep.

"Okay and don't forget Danica is coming to pick you up remember you have responsibilities, If Danica or anyone else new about this they will kill her you know that right said Mary scared for Elenor.

"I will take you over Rep and its gonna be in the morning okay said Mary.

Rep ran upstairs and into the left room to sleep next to the bed Elenor was sleeping in.



Elenor wakes up to notice Rep is not on the bed next to hers. Elenor walks left and down the stairs. Where's Mary and Rep? she thought.

"Oh no was this a dream? asked Elenor to herself.

"No sorry to disappoint but I am real said Mary coming through the front door.

"Mary! screamed Elenor hugging Mary.

"I thought I lost you said Elenor.

"Okay kid why so sad in the morning? asked Mary breaking the hug and staring at Elenor.

"Nothing said Elenor.

"Wheres Rep? asked Elenor.

"He's out he will be back said Mary.

"While he's out wanna see Vuchosh? asked Mary.

"Yes said Elenor very excited.

"Okay but hold my hand so everyone can smell vampires and not a pint of human said Mary.

"Okay said Elenor nodding her head. Mary and Elenor start to walk outside.

"Okay this is Skelo park for kids said Mary.

"Very scary cool said Elenor. Elenor ran to play in the park. Some kids came up to her. Elenor ready to feel pain.

"Hey wanna play? asked a girl to what seem to be like a zombie.

"Your really pretty said a boy from the back with wings.

"Hey is Mary your mom she has bucks, enough to buy all the candy brain in the realm said another boy with ears and a tail.

"Yum said all the kids laughing.

"Sure and thanks Mary is my aunt said Elenor shocked she didn't expect that response from them.

Because where she comes from the kids bully her.

"I am glad this kid is getting along well said Mary.


In the Vuchosh residence Masion

"Rep! you know you have responsibilities so stop playing around with Mary, you know one day you will be the leader of Vuchosh and I am gonna send you away to school soon said Danica getting tired of his shenanigans.

"But I don't wanna be a leader I wanna play and have friends said Rep.

"You know I promised your father who's dead death bless him said Danica.

"If you won't listen I will end your precious thing said Danica.

"Okay said Rep.

"Now you go to Mary and say goodbye said Danica.

"Yes leader said Rep, Danica turns around and Rep gives her the I hate you face.

Rep teleports to Mary's. Yes he can teleport but only in one land and not in others or different realms.

"Oh my god Rep you scared me said Elenor scared from Rep's pop up.

"How did you do that? asked Elenor surprised.

"Oh I can teleport said Rep.

"Very cool said Elenor.

"Where's Mary? asked Rep.

"She's in the kitchen making bloody cake said Elenor.

"Yum said Rep. Popping up next to Mary.

"Stupid Rep said Mary pushing and kicking him.

"Don't you see I am making bloody cake, your gonna have to pay if it gets zombie hammered said Mary.

"Okay said Rep laughing so hard.

"Zombie hammer? pffft! said Rep. Mary and Rep started laughing so hard. That Elenor  hears and goes over.

"Hey is everything okay? asked Elenor.

"Yea is fine said Rep.

"Mary can I talk to you in the room privately said Rep.

"Okay, Elenor can you finish the cake please said Mary going up the stairs and turning left and going into the room.

"Mary I have to send Elenor back said Rep.

"Let me guess Danica got to you said Mary.

"Yes she said she would kill my precious thing said Rep.

"Upset is not a thing but a person you really like Elenor said Mary.

"You know shes my only friend and so shes precious to me said Rep.

"You know Elenor will be really sad, your her only friend too said Mary.

"She also seems very happy and comfortable here said Mary.

"I know but I will bring her back I promise said Rep.

"Okay said Mary. Mary and Rep start to go downstairs to find Elenor with creame all over the kitchen and her face.

"Mary this cake is dangerous said Elenor.

"Pfft! Ha! Ha! Ha! Mary and Rep start to laugh.

"Mary starts to clean her face and puts a red glowing necklace around her neck.

"Don't forget us okay said Mary.

"Why do you say that i'm I gonna leave to go somewhere? asked Elenor.

"Yes because Danica is starting to suspect and you would be in danger if she found out said Rep.

"Okay said Elenor.

"Really? said Rep and Mary at the same time a little shocked they thought she would not accept easily.

"Well I know I will be back one day and I trust you guys said Elenor.

"Okay said Rep.

"Bye Elenor I had fun with you said Mary hugging her.

"Bye Mary! said Elenor.

And through the tree. Out of the tree they stand and face each other.

"Don't worry Elenor one day I promise I will be back for you said Rep grabbing and holding both Elenor's hands.

"Promise? asked Elenor anxious.

"I do said Rep sad to say bye.

"Goodbye my first special friend! screamed Elenor.

"Bye said Rep waving.

And just with a poof Rep, Mary and Vultures Del Ru was gone from Elenor just like her happiness.


Present Day

"You promised me Rep said Elenor looking at the tree.

"I miss you said Elenor crying. Mad how shes been abandoned  for ten years she throws the red necklace to the ground.

And then she notices a glow coming from the tree. Shocked and very distressed from how she badly wanted to open the door to Vultures Del Ru to see Mary and Rep. She walks through it.

"Mary! screamed Elenor happier than ever.

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