Team fortress 2 Mates!

Scout and Sniper go on an adventure to find Spy, but a few tricks are hidden along the way!


4. The Intel!

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Spy: So, tell me where the Intel is. You will get the credit.

New Scout: Uhmmmm, I don't know!

Spy: You worked here!

New Scout: Yeah... But i was never showed around the place.

Spy: Ok, do you know where BLU HQ is?

New Scout: Yeah, just around the corner!

Spy: *Shapeshifts into BLU Heavy* Thank you! HAHAHAHA!

New Scout: Anytime Pally!

Sniper and Scout are on there way to BLU HQ to get Spy and get the Intel

Sniper: Ok, mate I will be here, i will cover you Scout.

Scout: Thanks, Pally!

Scout jumps out of the Minivan while Sniper sets up his campground

Scout: Ok, Sniper im goin' in!

Sniper: Ok go, go, go!

Scout jumps off the hill into a vent conveniently placed on the outside

Scout:*Whispers to himself* Oh, god Scout. You're gonna pay for this one, in Hell.

Scout overhears 2 medics talking to eachother.

BLU Medic(1): Hast du gehört, der zwei Spione, die die Basis am vergangenen Dienstag eingegeben?

BLU Medic(2): Nein, was passiert mit ihnen?

BLU Medic(1): Sie wurden enthauptet.

Scout: Oh,My,God

BLU Medic(1): Did you hear zat?

BLU Medic(2) Ja, pull the alarm, NOW!

Scout kicks in the vent door and kills the 2 BLU Medics with his trusty bat, Lucia.

Scout: Oh Lucia, you did good.......* Starts making out with his bat*

BLU Soldier walks in

BLU Soldier: Hey whats thi.........*Walks out of room and jumps out of the 5th story floor after witnessing that*

Scout:* Shakes head furiously* What the fuck... Odd, i must really love that bat


---------------------------------------------------------------------------> Chapter 5: " Aww Man!"


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