Dark Living

A couple live in a mansion alone as they try to blend in with the rest of the towns people except they have a problem. The husband is a vampire and the wife is a werewolf.


9. 9

Carol and Crow stood ready as they looked around and Carol sniffed the air and said, “I think we got them all.  I barely smell any of that nasty odor.” Crow looked at her and said, “You know I have that same odor too.” Carol glanced at him sarcastically and said, “That’s why I said bare...” There was a loud angry cry as King immediately appeared and tackled the unsuspecting Crow to the ground.  Carol grabbed the back of his coat with both her claws but King smacked her across the face so hard she was thrown hard to the ground with a spittle of blood flying from her mouth.  King then pulled Crow up from the ground and slammed his back threw a tree, breaking it in half and sending wood and splinters flying through the air as the top of the tree fell.  Crow struggled to stand as he grunted in pain but before King could charge at him he was tackled by Carol and slammed his back up against a tree and dug in her claws deep into his clothing and skin and began slamming his back up against the same tree repeatedly till King punched her in the mid-section and she flew back a few feet till her back slammed/bounced off a tree and body slammed to the ground.  King walked briskly towards Carol as he grabbed and tore a leafless tree branch from a tree in his wake and as Carol finally looked up dazed and confused King raised the branch over his right shoulder to spear her as she suddenly looked at him in shock.


    King brought the branch down but suddenly it flew off his grasp as he is tackled by Crow.  They both scrambled to get back on their feet and when King faced Crow he was suddenly kicked in the face and he flew back send a spittle of blood flying into the air.  Just as King fell back to the ground Carol grabbed him by the collar and in one swing she threw him towards the pond as he screamed in anger and fell into the water where the seaweed and various roots grabbed him and yanked his thrashing body beneath the waves.  When the water thrashing stopped and the pond looked calm Carol breathed heavily as she stood up and said, “That was quick.” Just as she said that the area where King was dragged beneath water bubbled and Crow sighed and said calmly, “You should not have said that.” Carol looked at him with frustration and said, “Give me a....” King then appeared from the water with his hands and arms raised to his sides as water dripped off him as he made a hideous grin and said, “I’m afraid I’m not that easy to kill.” Crow said, “Oh yeah?  How about this?” Crow grabbed a small sharp piece of wood from a tree next to him and threw it at King’s face when suddenly a seaweed grabbed it just inches from King’s face as he smiled and laughed.  Carol looked bewildered as Crow looked on in frustration as the seaweed threw the piece of wood to the side and King glided to the bank of the pond before he landed on his feet.  Crow and Carol hissed and snarled as King grinned at them and said, “This is going to be fun.” They both charged at King and they both clawed or tried to punch him only that King is able to deflect their punches or claws or moved out of the way just as they tried to reach him forcing King to move backwards till he is pinned in front of a tree.  Just as Carol and Crow reached out to King he ran up the tree backwards and did a backflip over them and landed on the ground right behind them.  Before they were able to turn around King kicked Crow in the middle of his back that sent him sprawling to the left of the tree and the last thing he saw was a large rock that he fell towards and his forehead slammed into the rock that he cracked it in half and laid motionless while at the same time King shoved the flat palm of his right hand at Carol’s chest (as she turned) and she was knocked down and hit the ground hard on her butt.

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