Dark Living

A couple live in a mansion alone as they try to blend in with the rest of the towns people except they have a problem. The husband is a vampire and the wife is a werewolf.


7. 7

When Carol finished she whipped her mouth and Crow let go of her hair as she stood up and glowered at him.  Carol said in a threatening tone, “Do not, do that, again.” Crow replied calmly, “It’s either that or get eaten alive.” They heard a distant rustle in the woods and Carol and Crow looked towards the forest and saw the same figures standing just at the edge of the tree line looking straight at them with their red, glowing eyes as Carol and Crow backed up till they were inside the mansion.  Crow said, “This could be a problem.” Carol said, “What?  Not finishing my meal, because I am pretty pissed.” Crow ignored her sarcasm and said, “No, these vampires.” Carol looked at him puzzled and said, “What about them?” Crow looked at her dumb fully and said, “Remember what King said?” Carol looked as if stunned and said, “You mean that freak is sieging us?” Crow replied, “Yep.” Carol said, “What are we going to do now?” King’s voice bellowed out, “You are both going to be eaten alive!” Carol looked around shocked as Crow did not looked surprised as King continued, “Let’s see if you can hold out against over 600 vampires, thanks to the townspeople of Old Haven.” Carol cringed in anger and said, “That son of a....” Crow said, “I guess that what happens when you maul his face.” He sighed and turned behind to flip a switch, next to the light switch, and he walked back over to the couch and laid back as if he is going to rest while Carol looked out the window and saw the vampires starting to move towards the mansion and she looked back at Crow and is shocked to see that he laid back and closed his eyes.  Carol said, “David what are you doing?  They are coming to slaughter us!” Crow replied calmly, “Don’t worry, it’s all taken care of.” The vampires walked closer, revealing their fangs, black covered eyes, chalk white skin as they snarled and Carol turned to Crow, grabbed his suit and shook him hard as she yelled, “DAVID!” All of a sudden the foundation bellow the floorboards opened up along the bottom sides of the mansion to reveal a series of pipes before there was a defining explosion sound that issued forth from them.


    The pipes along the mansion’s foundation fired silver or wooden stakes as they flew in the air and struck the vampires as they let out a defining scream as they fell and turned to ash or stumbled as they struggled to pull the stakes off there bodies while the rest continued.  Carol looked out and saw the vampires still continued towards the mansion and she looked back at Crow and said, “Please tell me you have more than just stakes!” Crow kept his eyes closed as he still laid back on the couch and said, “How about raining crosses.” Parts of the tiled roof opened to reveal crossbow like devices and they fired silver or wooden crosses that rained down on top of the hoards of vampires and they screamed in pain as smoke appeared from their skin as they were burned from the impacts of the fallen crosses on top of them leaving the smell of burning flesh around the mansion’s grounds but many of them got back up and continued walking towards the mansion while also avoiding the crosses that laid scattered across the grounds forcing the vampires to continue on but at a slower pace.  Carol looked out the glass doors and watched the events that unfold and she smirked and said, “So that’s why the attic is always locked.” Crow replied satisfactory, “Yes.” As the vampire townspeople edged closer to the mansion water sprinkler like devices appeared all over the grounds, as if to water the grass or flowerbeds, but instead of spraying water the sprinklers sprayed white smoke and the vampires began hissing or screaming in agony as the smoke hit their mouths and the vampires began to also make choking or coughing sounds that mixed with their screams of agony as the smoke enveloped the mansion.  Carol looked out but could barely see outside as the windows were covered up by the fog of smoke and she said, “What is that?  What’s happening to them?” Crow replied, “I created an air assault form of garlic.  That should take care of the rest of them.” Outside, behind the cover of trees in the backyard, King stood beneath a tree at the edge of the forest and watched as the smoke appeared and covered the mansion in a fog and King cringed in anger as red veins appeared in his eyes and he yelled, “ENOUGH!” He swept his left hand in the air and the smoke blew away to reveal the mansion and the vampires that were either laying on the ground or were on their knees clawing at their own throats.


    When the garlic fog dissipated the vampires stopped choking and coughed a little before (the ones that are not already dead by asphyxiation) standing up and continued towards the mansion.  Carol looked in shock as she stood back from the glass doors and said, “David?” Crow opened his eyes and looked out to see the vampires already approaching the small porch with the garlic fog gone and he stood up and gave a disappointing sigh.  King’s voice bellowed out, “Anymore tricks up your sleeve Crow?” As the first vampires reached the top step on the back porch Crow said calmly, “I hope your pets love taking holy water showers.” Outside King gave a confused look when all of a sudden the same sprinklers, that sprayed the smoke of garlic, began spraying water all over the grounds as the vampires either screamed or howled in pain as the water touched them and their skin began issuing forth smoke or revealed burns as if they were being sprayed by acid as their skin began to boil and bubble.  


    At the edge of the forest King watched as the sprinkler system sprayed holy water and when a fountain of water sprayed in his direction he looked and gave an angry cry as he jumped back with his hand over his face as the water hit his hand and suit and he immediately took cover behind the nearest tree as his hand burned and parts of his suit melted.  A vampire close to him screamed in agony as it was blasted in the face and chest and its skin on his face melted and sagged as it clawed its own face till it fell onto the ground sending more screams and cries of agony till its face and body melted away as holy water kept dousing it till its body turned into a milky soup like liquid leaving only its clothes behind.  King watched in anger and he yelled, “DAMN YOU CROW!” He put his right hand up against the tree as he cringed in anger and there was an earthquake like sound as the ground shook.  Carol and Crow tried to steady themselves as the mansion shook and loose items began to fall and there were multiple glass shattering sounds as china and vases fell and broke onto the floor.  Carol yelled, “He’s trying to bring the house down on top of us!” Crow yelled, “No!” And he pointed outside and they saw, to Carol’s shock, the sprinkler system and the pipes the sprinklers connected to were either being pulled out of the ground and the pipes snapped or broke within the grounds and the sprinklers stopped spraying and the holy water began running out of the pipes creating large pools of water that the vampires either crawled or stumbled away from but still cried out in agony as the crosses still littered the mansion’s grounds.


    The shaking finally stopped and Crow and Carol looked out to see the vampires withering or crawling on the grass in the backyard as they all continued to scream or howl in agony as their skin is covered with burn marks either from the holy water or crosses that littered the grounds.  Crow said, “Even if the sprinkler system is destroyed they still have to deal with the large pools of holy water and crosses that are scattered all around them.” King looked at his burned, scared left hand and he grabbed it with his right and the burns on his left hand vanished.  He then looked down at his black suit and cape and saw random holes in them and he looked at the mansion and screamed in anger, “YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS CROW!” In the mansion Crow looked at Carol’s face (which is now mixed with fear and shock) and said, “I think its time to leave.” He turned to the doors that open to the lobby and just as he opened one of the doors he was smacked in the face with a shovel and he fell onto the floor dazed and cringed in pain.  He heard Carol snarl and when he looked up he saw King standing in front of him with a shovel in his hands as he looked down at Crow full of fury and said, “You are both going to pay for insulting me!  I intend to bury you and your....” Carol leapt at him baring her fangs and claws as she howled but King swung the shovel and smacked Carol across the right side of her face, like hitting a baseball, and she flew to the side, fell and smashed through the glass table in front of a large desk.  Crow first looked shocked at what happened to Carol but he immediately looked up at King and before King could turn back towards him Crow immediately transformed into a vampire as he hissed and leapt up towards King’s throat only to suddenly stop and unable to move.  When King fully turned to face him he said, “You think you can rip out my throat?  Think again!” And King snapped his head towards Carol’s direction and Crow flew and hit the couch before rolling over and fell next to Carol and gave a painful grunt.

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