Dark Living

A couple live in a mansion alone as they try to blend in with the rest of the towns people except they have a problem. The husband is a vampire and the wife is a werewolf.


5. 5

Crow grunted as he opened his eyes to see it is light outside before he felt something moving over his legs and stomach and he almost bolted upright till he saw Carol lounging over the couch with her legs over his and her clear stocking feet resting over his stomach.  Carol is looking away from Crow and at the television as Crow watched to see a woman crying and an older kid hugging her.  Carol rolled her eyes, sighed and said, “Pathetic.” Crow looked at her perplexed and said, “What is?” Carol said, “This woman is in a house with other people trying to win a million dollars and she is crying because she hasn’t seen her son in four weeks.  These people just make me want to vomit.” Crow said, “Then I suggest you change the channel.” Carol said, “If there were any horror movies or shows on then I would have.” Crow then began to massage Carol’s feet and she leaned back and breathed/sighed with satisfaction and said, “God, it’s been a long time since you have given a good foot massage.” Crow said, “That’s because you never asked.” Carol said, “Then remind me do fuss.” Crow said, “What did you do with Lin’s body?” Carol said, “Tossed it over the cliffs.  No one will find him after the sharks had their meal.” They continued watching the show including the follow-up episode as Crow continued to massage Carol’s ankles and feet when Carol seethed and said, “Unbelievable.  They voted the guy out because of what he said, even though he is a good person.” Crow said, “That’s why I don’t watch reality shows, too much drama.” Carol said, “Yeah, but its fun to watch this stupid people do some weird and crazy games and how retarded they act.” Crow said, “I know what you mean, but after a while it gets very boring.” Carol then flipped a channel and watch something related to hunting and Carol said, “I feel like deer tonight.” Crow said, “That shouldn’t be a problem.” Carol said, “I want to hunt one myself.” Crow looked at her and said, “Now that could be a problem.” Carol looked at him with an angry hurtful look and said, “Why?” Crow said, “You get reckless every time you transform and lose control.  Remember the bedroom every time we have sex?” Carol looked frustrated and said, “I can handle it.” Crow sighed and said, “Fine, we’ll go out in a few hours.” Carol looked back at the tv with a look of satisfaction and said, “Good.” She then changed position on the couch where she laid against Crow’s right side as if to cuddle him as Crow wrapped his right arm over her shouldered stroked her hair till she dozed off.  Carol then began to purr as Crow continued to stroke her hair and he smirked as he continued watching the tv till he eventually falls asleep as well.


    Later they both wake up and they both went outside as Crow looked at Carol curiously as she still wore her stockings and grey top (just covering her thighs) and he said, “You want to hunt in that?” Carol looked back and said, “I bored with this shirt.” Crow replied dryly, “Okay.” The sun began to set as they entered the forest and Crow climbed up  the tallest tree and crouched on a limb as he looked around to spot any hunters (which are none) before looking down to see Carol as she stood motionless while looking up into the sky to see the full moon appearing in the final rays of the sun.  Crow looked at her as if concerned and said, “Carol, are you ready?” Hair started to appear on Carol’s face and limbs as she looked up at Crow to reveal her eyes beginning to change dark yellow and said, “Yeah.” The final rays of the sun disappeared and it suddenly became dark with the exception of the light of the full moon and Crow and Carol fully transformed into a vampire and a werewolf.


    A dark, black cloaked figure walked in the middle of the road at the edge of the town called, “Old Haven” till a car’s headlights appeared and continued driving till the car suddenly slowed down as the brakes squeaked and the tires left burnt tracks on the pavement till the car stopped right in front of the figure that turned out to be King.  The young man and woman in the car, all dressed up as if they came from a party, looked shocked and the male driver stuck his head out the window and yelled, “Hey get off the road!” King made a low cackle as he looked up with menacing red eyes, making the driver and his female companion look fearful and sat back in their seats, and King said, “I think you and your townspeople will do fine for what I want.” He then opened his right hand in front of his face and blew and a green mist issued forth that started small but immediately began to grow.  The driver immediately stuck his head back in the car as the woman screamed, “GET US OUT OF HERE CARL!  GET US OUT!”  Carl tried to roll up the windows but then the green mist moved towards them at incredible speed (as if it is alive) and immediately dived into the car covering the inside with the green mist.  The driver and female passenger coughed and tried to scream, but after a few moments the screams turned into snarls and hisses and King leaned back and made a high villainous laugh that pierced the night and the green mist grew and descended towards the town of “Old Haven”.

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