Dark Living

A couple live in a mansion alone as they try to blend in with the rest of the towns people except they have a problem. The husband is a vampire and the wife is a werewolf.


4. 4

Once Lin’s body fell blood began to pour from his ripped throat and his head dangled to the side, barely attached to his body with only the skin on the left side of his neck still attached.  Crow was able to slip Lin’s pants and underwear back on when suddenly he heard Carol scream, “DAVID!” When he heard her he rushed like the wind and saw her standing in front of the campfire with her arms crossed and the hippie teenagers were hanging upside down on the other side of the campfire, bounded and gagged and Crow said, “What the...” Carol said angrily, “Did you do this?” Crow looked a little astounded and said, “No.” Carol glared at him and said, “Then who...” A firm, soothing, male voice said, “Maybe you should ask me.” Crow and Carol looked around until they saw a figure wearing clothes, a cape and a wide brimmed hat all in black leaning against a tree at the edge of the campfire light.  Crow looked at him longly and said, “Who are you?” The male dark figure said, “Call me, King.” He smiled and Carol smirked as if he’s kidding and said, “A king of what?  Bad taste in clothes?” King replied, “No.  King, of your worst fears.” And he smiled baring his razor sharp teeth and twiddled his left hand revealing sharp, pointed finger nails on his wrinkled hand as he made a low, villainous laugh.  Carol whispered to Crow, “I am going to tear this guy’s head off.” King said, “I can still hear you, even when you are whispering.” Carol looked annoyed as King smiled and said, “Let me introduce you to this little old vampire here.” He opened his left arm to reveal under his cape a white, pale, muscular boy with fangs and bloodshot eyes as he hissed at Carol and Crow.  King continued to smile and said, “And I have about 600 more of his fellow townsfolk not far from here who are also, dying to met you two.” He made a light, villainous laugh as both Carol and Crow looked at him both concerned and alert and Crow said, “I believe I speak for all of us, but, you ARE crazy.” King’s smile vanished as he looked at them with grim and said, “Oh really.” In a flash he ran/jumped over the campfire and kicked Crow in the chest so hard he flew and slammed his back against a tree, knocking the wind off him as he fell on his side, and grabbed Carol and spun her around to face Crow as he tried to stand.  King leaned over close to Carol’s left ear as he smiled and said, “Now who’s the crazy one.” Carol said firmly, “Get off of me you freak.” King replied, “No, I have something very special for you.” He licked her left ear lobe with his snake like tongue as she cringed but stood firm as she clinched her fists and Crow first moaned in pain but then began to laugh heartedly and King looked at him with a confused expression and said, “What’s so funny?” Crow looked up as he laughed, revealing his fangs as he reached fro something beneath his coat and said, “You should have kicked harder.” Crow suddenly threw a shinning blue crystal ball high into the air till it past the tree tops and exploded into a brilliant bright light that made everyone look away till the light dissipated and it looked like a miniaturized moon.  King looked up at it and laughed and said, “What is that supposed to do, scare me?” Crow replied gravely, “No, but you should be afraid of her.” King looked puzzled and he heard a low growl and when he looked at Carol he noticed hair growing on her face, fangs appearing from her mouth and her eyes turned yellow as she turned into a werewolf and he looked sullen and said, “Oh crap.” Suddenly she bit a mouthful size of the left side of his neck, hard as he screamed in both anger and pain a black liquid sprayed/oozed from his neck.  


    King grabbed her and tried to push her off, but she held on tightly till suddenly she was thrown off, tearing out a chunk of his neck in the process, and flew over the campfire only to land on her clawed feet and hands.  She snarled at him as she spat out the chunk of his neck from her mouth revealing all the muscles and tissue beneath King’s skin to be covered with black oozing liquid.  King grasped his neck with both hands as he first screamed but then grunted/breathed heavily in anger as black liquid oozed from beneath his hands as he looked up with his eyes now bright red as he glared at Carol and said, “Damn you woman.” King then removed his hands and the large neck wound miraculously healed itself.  Carol’s right ankle bumped into the tape player, accidentally hitting the play button and the song “Go All the Way” By The Killers played as King pointed at Carol and yelled, “Kill her!” The vampire kid snarled at Carol, as did she and Crow and Crow charged at King at full speed on his hands and feet as King looked over angrily as he was suddenly tackled by Crow.  Crow dug his sharp, pointed fingers into King’s skin as Crow opened his mouth to reveal his fangs and razor sharp teeth and King immediately grabbed his neck as Crow was about to bite his face.  King cringed as he held Crow back as he continued to snap his jaws at King’s face till he finally shoved Crow off him as Crow suddenly fell flat on his back, tearing some of the clothing and skin off of King in the process.  


    Carol immediately charged at the vampire as he snarled and tackled it onto the ground and immediately began clawing its face with shear ferocity.  The vampire grabbed Carol’s throat with both hands and squeezed hard as Carol began making choking sounds and tried to claw threw his sharp fingers.  The vampire stood up holding her above him as he snarled and continued to squeeze her throat when suddenly she kicked his arms away with her hind legs and as she fell she got behind and too the vampire’s shoulders and put it in a headlock as the vampire fell forward and began squirming on the ground as it tried to break from Carol’s grip. Carol then pulled its left arm from its grasp and in one sudden motion snapped both its neck and left arm.  Carol got up as the vampire hissed and right before her eyes his head and left arm relocated before it stood up as well.  Carol sighed with disappointment and said, “Damn.” The vampire snarled and leapt at Carol only this time Carol grabbed it by its jaw and hurdled it across herself before tearing its jaw off in her paws as its body flew and hit the ground sending a large splash of blood flying across the air and slapped onto the dirt ground surrounding the campfire.  The vampire moaned as it tried to stand but kept stumbling as it caressed where its jaw was and Carol dropped its jaw and howled as she leapt at it, knocking it down on its back and Carol began tearing apart its chest and body with her sharp claws sending flesh, clothing, blood and chunks of torn muscles and organs into the air and ground as she ripped the vampire to bloody pieces.  The vampire howled in pain in the process till Carol finally reached its heart and in an instant (like the rest of the vampire’s body) shredded it to pieces as the vampire howled in agony till it stopped and lied motionless with its eyes still wide open and the remain’s of its mouth and jaws gapping as if still in agony.  


    King stood up and starred down at Crow as his wounds healed when suddenly Crow snarled revealing his fangs, bloodshot eyes and his skin turned chalk white and his ear lobes are pointed at the top and tackled King again.  He slammed King’s back against a tree and Crow shoved his fangs into King’s throat and began biting/mauling his throat sending black liquid spraying/flying into the air or against the tree as King screamed both in agony and in anger.  King tried to push him off but is unable to and he then placed both his hands against each side of Crow’s temples and a green light issued forth on both sides and Crow stopped mauling and began screaming in agony till he was thrown back.  Crow got up to a kneeling position and held his head with both his hands as if he his covering his ears as he moaned in pain.  When he finally looked up (still holding his head) he watched as King’s throat healed leaving only spots of black blood on where he mauled his throat.  Crow finally stood as the pain subsided and King stood as well as he touched his throat and said (with disdain), “Fucking twice.” They both heard the sound of the vampire howling in pain as it died and they both looked to see Carol standing and looking at King with the vampire’s blood covering the front of her shirt, pants and mouth as the blood dripped to the ground and Crow smiled at King and said, “Looks like your little vampire can’t take on a female werewolf.” King glowered at Crow as he balled up his right fist and a green glow issued forth and King said, “How about tasting that same pressure you felt in your head in your mouth.” He grinned at Crow (who looked sullen) when all of a sudden he heard a wolf howl and King turned to his left to see Carol’s face as she opened her jaws to reveal her fangs as she leapt at him with her outstretched claws when she bit her jaws directly into King’s face as she tackled him to the ground and proceeded to claw and slash King’s body as she continued to bite and chew into King’s face and head sending large amounts of black liquid and chunks flying into the air and ground.  Suddenly Carol was thrown off him as King shoved her hard and she slammed her back up against a tree and fell to the ground hard.  


    Carol struggled to get to her knees as she moaned in pain as King stood up (barely having a face) with ease and was barely able to say, “You, little....” Crow snarled and tackled King from the right, pulled King up and slammed his back up against a tree, hard, when suddenly King kicked him directly in the mid-section and Crow fell on his back hard.  When Crow scrambled up, King’s face is partially healed (revealing his muscle tissue and naked solid black eyes) and Crow and Carol both snarled at him as King glowered in anger before Crow and Carol both leapt towards him.  As soon as they were about to land on top of him King disappeared in a puff of green smoke and both Crow and Carol looked around when they heard King’s voice scream in anger, “YOU WILL BOTH DIE!  DO YOU HEAR ME?  YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE LAST OF ME YET!” Then there was a short silence before the noises of the forest animals and nature resumed.  Crow and Carol transformed back to their normal selves as the fake moon dissipated and Crow said, “According to mother nature, he’s gone.” Carol said, “What happened back there before I went after him?” Crow replied frustratingly, “Getting my ass kicked.” Carol smirked and Crow saw her smile and said, “Shut up.” They both saw the hippies still bound and gagged upside down, looking at both of them in awe and Carol said, “Great, they know what we are.  What are we going to do with them?” Crow replied dryly, “I think that’s obvious.” Carol sighed and looked at him as if depressed (as the teenagers moaned/mumbled loudly in protest) and said, “Seriously? Do you know how hard it was just trying to gain their trust?  They seem like groovy people.” Crow sighed as he looked at the scared teenagers deep in thought until he finally said, “Well, I guess I could wipeout their short term memories, but once I do that I am going to be extremely tired.” Carol said, “I’ll also tell them Lin hitchhiked home because he had something important to do.” Crow looked at her with some puzzlement and then remembered and said, “Oh, yes, I forgot about him.” Carol rolled her eyes and said, “Sometimes I wonder why I married you in the first place.” Crow looked at her as if he is hurt by what she said and he said, “After everything I’ve done for you....” Carol looked at him frustrated and said, “Yeah like turning yourself into a vampire REALLY helped me out!” Crow turned to her and said, “And the food...” Carol said, “Come on!  I hunt for food all by myself!” The tied up teenagers looked from Crow to Carol as they both argued to one another when Carol finally said, “Hey, hey, stop!” And she balled up her fists as she shoved both her hands down, as if to control her anger and she breathed through her nose and finally said (calmly), “Let’s just get this over with.” Crow sighed, nodded and said, “Fine.  Just help me get back to the van when I’m done.” Carol replied, “Of course, dear.” Crow then sat down, indian style, and closed his eyes and after a few moments the scared teenagers first looked terrified and then began to nod on and off till they finally closed their eyes as if they fell asleep.


    As Crow mediated and cleared the teenagers short term memory of what just transpired Carol began packing the van with all the belongings around the campfire and when she finished she sat and waited for Crow to be done.  Crow then opened his eyes and said, “It’s done.  You may cut them down now before they wake in a few minutes.” She took a knife from her pocket and cut them all down.  Once she finished she untied them and made them look like they were sleeping before they finally woke.  When they did Carol told the startled teenagers that they passed out and Lin hitchhiked home before they got up and they all went to the van to drop Carol and Crow home.


    The van pulled up to the mansion’s front doors and Carol stepped out with Crow’s left arm slung over her shoulders and slightly leaned on her as if he’s drunk.  Amila looked at their with a worried expression and said, “Are you sure you don’t need help?  He’s looks very stoned girl.” Carol looked back and said, “Don’t worry, this happens occasionally.  See you later.” Amila and the others waved before the van door slid closed and drove off.  Once the van disappeared and entered the mansion Carol sat Crow in a soft chair in the back living room and said, “Go ahead and nod off, I’m going to get Lin’s body before somebody else finds it.” Crow said weakly, “What about King?  He could be waiting.” Carol replied, “I highly doubt that, now sleep.” She left Crow as he watched her leave and once she exited the mansion and heard their car drive away his vision went black and he fell into a deep sleep.

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