Dark Living

A couple live in a mansion alone as they try to blend in with the rest of the towns people except they have a problem. The husband is a vampire and the wife is a werewolf.


2. 2

Crow moaned as a glint of sunlight hit his face and he turned his head away as he opened his eyes and sat up before looking back to see the sun peeking from the slashed curtains and as he looked around the bedroom he saw the whole room is a wreck and the bed had fallen onto the floor with its legs broken off.  He rubbed his eyes and forehead as he sat all the way up in bed as he looked to his left and saw Carol was leaning up against the pillows facing the doorway in front of them as she smoked a cigarette.  Crow said, “How long have we been doing it?” Carol blew some smoke and replied dryly, “Almost the entire night.” Crow said gravely, “No wonder I still feel tired.” Carol waved her hand in the air to wave off the smoke and said, “Looks like we are going to have to refurbish the bedroom.” Crow said, “Yes, and it could take a while too.” Carol finished her cigarette and stuck it in the ashtray before pulling back the covers to reveal her grey top before walking behind the foldout barrier to change as Crow got up and went inside his walk in closet and began to change as well.  Carol walked out wearing a flower designed sweater and jeans and said, “I’ll go make breakfast slow poke!” Crow replied, “Meet you down there!” Carol walked out of the bedroom as Crow tried to find a new suit to wear.


    Crow entered the dining room wearing a dark purple suit and a white vest as he noticed the table is already set up and Carol sat and is already eating scrambled eggs and sausages before Crow sat down next to her with his plate already made.  Carol looked at his chalk white hair with a yellow strip running across his left temple with puzzlement and said, “I’m sorry but if you are going to join me and my friends you have to change your hair style.” Crow looked at her curiously and said, “Why?” Carol replied, “Because you look nothing like David Bowie.” David sighed and said, “Seriously?” Carol replied, “Yeah. I called my friends and we are going to hangout in the woods near the High Cliffs tonight.” David started eating and said, “I guess you want me to come out as well.” Carol looked at him with an annoyed expression and replied, “Yes and you will.” David continued eating not showing his discontent and said, “Okay.  It better not be a full moon.” Carol said, “It’s not, I checked.” David said, “Is there anything I should know?” Carol replied, “Yes.  Don’t tell any of your horror stories, don’t eat them and most important of them all, if I go out alone with a guy don’t shadow me, no matter what.” David sighs as if disappointed and said, “No fun.” He looked and saw Carol’s serious gaze  and he said, “Okay, I won’t.” Carol smiled with satisfaction and said, “Good.  So how are we going to refurbish the bedroom this time?” Crow replied, “I’ll call the same furniture store and see if they have anything that matches and have the movers send them over.” Carol said, “Why don’t we go to town and get the furniture?  I hate spending all day in this place.” Crow finished eating and said, “I’m ready now.” Carol looked at him puzzled and said, “But your...” He grabbed his hair and pulled it off to reveal it was a wig and his real hair is still jet black and Carol looked dumbfounded and said, “Oh.” They left the mansion in a white and yellow family size car and Crow drove down the hill for a few miles before they entered town and parked the car in the parking lot as Carol got out hiding her smile while Crow tried not to show his frustration knowing Carol is going on a shopping spree.


    They went from store to store as Carol chose what kind of new drapes and furnishings they need as Crow stood on the side and tried not to pay attention to the price tags as he bought them.  As they left the furniture store  a male hippie like teenager came up behind them with open arms and said, “What’s up Carol?” Carol and Crow turned  and Carol gave the kid a hug and said, “Hey Lin.  What are you doing here?” Lin said, “Me and the dudes are getting beer for the gathering tonight.” He looked at Crow with fascination and said, “Who’s this?” Carol said, “This is David, my fiancé.  David this is Lin, one of my friends I told you about.” Crow extended his hand but Lin looked at him with an odd expression and then he smiled and raised his hand for a high five but Crow also looked at him with puzzlement.  Lin said, “Dude high five!” Crow then realized what he is talking about and gave him a high five and Lin drew his hand back and said quietly, “Ow.” Trying not to show his hurtful expression.  Another male like hippie appeared as he came from a store behind Lin and said, “Hey Lin, we’re waiting on you!” Lin waved behind himself and said, “Yeah I’m coming!  See you around Carol, David.” Carol gave him a warm smile and replied, “See ya Lin.” Lin walked off with his friends as Carol continued to watch while David looked both at her and Lin until Carol said, “Stop staring David, I know what you are thinking.” David said, “So he is the boy you are talking about?” Carol replied gravely, “Yes.” They got back in the car and went back up to the mansion and as Carol opened the door and went to their room Crow grabbed the few shopping bags in the car and carried them in himself as the renovators pulled up behind him.


    The four renovators came in and followed Crow up the stairs till they reached the bedroom as Carol stood by watching as the renovators looked shocked at the destroyed bedroom.  One of the shocked renovators said, “What the hell happened here?” Crow replied dryly, “One of our pets came up here and was chasing a cat.” He noticed the same renovator (that is in charge) still looked in shock and Crow said, “It’s a really big dog.” The head renovator said, “Okay, if you say so.” They cleaned the room as Carol put on her headphones and walked out as she swayed and moved to the music she is listening to while Crow stood by and watched the renovators till they were done and came back in with the replacement furnishings and redid the bedroom.  Carol approached Crow from the side as she continued to sway and dance to her headphones till Crow tapped her on the shoulder.  Carol sighed with frustration and removed her headphones and said, “What now?” Crow replied, “Watch them for me.  I’ll be back before they’re done.” Carol said, “Don’t take too long.” They both kissed before Crow walked away and Carol stood over the railing of the balcony watching the workmen moving in and out of the mansion.  Just when the workmen were finishing up Crow came out wearing the same wig but had black paint around his eye sockets and red makeup on his cheeks as Carol looked at him, first surprised and then sighed and looked away and said, “You need to stop with that makeup, it’s freaking the crap out of me.” Crow said, “It doesn’t look like it.” When the workmen finally finished the headman came up with the receipt and form and Crow sighed them.  Carol looked at the head workman and noticed he is sweating and looked like he is trying to contain nervous expression and she looked downstairs and saw the same for the workman waiting just outside the entrance.  Crow handed the form to the head workman and said (with a villainess smile), “Thank you for your services, have a nice day.” The head workman could barely contain his anxiety as he gulped and replied, “You too sir.” The head workman hurriedly walked downstairs and out the door as the workers rushed as well.  They heard the truck doors slammed outside following the sound the tires kicking up gravel and dirt as the moving truck sped away.  Carol smiled as she heard the truck sped away and said, “I think your looks scared them.” Crow replied, “No doubt.” Carol walked into the bedroom and turned around and said, “If you don’t mind I’m going to change for tonight.” Crow replied, “Go right ahead dear.” She closed the door as she smiled at him and Crow waited till the door opened again.  


    When Carol came out she wore purple stockings and coat with a designed shirt beneath it and sandals as she smiled but then her expression changed as Crow still stood there wearing the same clothes, wig and makeup as before.  Crow said, “What is it?” Carol replied, “I don’t know if you should wear that after seeing the workmen’s reaction and I tend to agree.” Crow said dryly, “Does it really matter?” Carol looked irritated and replied, “Yes it does as I don’t want you freaking my friends out and running away!” Crow sighed and said, “Fine.” And he walked into the bedroom as Carol stood over the balcony putting her headphones to her ears and listened to her music as she swayed along the railing as she waited. 

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